Its safe to say I was thoroughly spoiled once again this Christmas by family and friends and although I love reading the What I got for Christmas blog posts, I felt like it would be a mission to photograph and easier to spread out properly. Since I’m a beauty blogger, it seemed fitting to show you the beauty goodies I got instead. Boy, did I get some good’ens.

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot was from my parents, along with Benefit Fun Size Flirts which you can see what was included on their website here [LINK].  The Cheeky Sweet Spot is a blusher palette featuring their amazing blushers and a watts up highlighter. I have wanted a collection of these blushers for years, but found they are so expensive just for a blush, to get all these in one handy palette which even though their smaller than the originals will last me a life time and I am so pleased to have such amazing colours to work with! The fun size flirts is a collection of minis and I’m so glad to of got this, I love trying new products and being rekindled with old favourites. The Porefessional is something I need to buy in bulk, I bloody love that stuff.

Armani Si was bought for me by my boyfriend, and boy he spoiled me this Christmas. He bought me essentially everything I had mentioned throughout the year and Si is one scent I’ve lusted after for months. When I first found it, I knew it was ‘my scent’ we all have that feeling with a perfume and although it is so perfect, it was just too pricey for me to splash out on myself.  I was so grateful to get this and it is my favourite perfume ever. You can buy this from Selfridges at the moment here on offer! [LINK] My Grandma had given me a big ol bottle of cleanse and polish to keep me going through the New Year and also some mini treats from L’Occitane. I worked their last year and the one product I never got round to trying was their Almond Shower Oil. This stuff always was a pleasure to sell, one sniff it smells amazing and then the texture of a thin oil to a rich lather wins me over every time. If you’ve not tried this I recommend doing so, its so luxurious and worth every penny! You can buy their shower oil here [LINK]

I also asked for another bottle of Rihanna Reb’l fleur perfume which is a very similar perfume to Si in that its quite a deep scent rather than floral. This is one of them celebrity perfumes you can often find on the cheap so its a great one to use everyday. You can buy this even at Argos here [LINK] and I really recommend this if you’re a fan of Si but don’t want to splash out as much.And lastly, but no means least (my bathroom is host to numerous beauty bits that just didn’t make the cut…or fit the photo at least) was a Sanctuary With Love gift set from Boots from my boyfriends Sister and partner. Its like they knew exactly what I never knew I needed but this set is beautiful. It is jam packed with body goodies to have a quick pamper or to really relax. I love the zesty fragrance of Sanctuary products and this gift set really is wonderful.  You must check this one out on boots if you’re in need of a gift, it will definitely impress! [LINK]

This was only a handful of goodies that I got for christmas! I will be featuring more bits over the next month or so! What did you get for Christmas?