Hair care is one item I don’t give enough attention to on my blog. I think it’s time that changed and that I put more effort into my hair and what I’m using! One brand that for me wins it every time, is Lee Stafford. Over the last few years I’ve used a number of their products, repeatedly I’ve used the the hair growth treatment which is is a best seller and well known within the beauty world.It was a great privilege of mine to get my hands on some more of their range and see what the brand could offer my very awkward, very blonde and unruly hair.

To change up my routine, I’m currently using the Oily Roots and Dry Ends Shampoo and Conditioner. These beauties need a post of their own to explain how great they are, but I can confirm that if you have precisely this issue which is exactly how I’d describe my hair then you’re sorted. The bottles do seem smaller than your average size shampoo’s but for the results its worth it and a tiny bit is needed. I really do have problems with my roots getting oily a lot quicker than they should and this isn’t due to over washing or product, my ends can get dry quickly due to brushing and hair drying so to fix these issues quite easily with every wash is the perfect solution.

I’m still continuing to grow out my hair too, and get it back nice and long. For an amazing boost of treatment and to help the hair grow (which this truly does work) the ‘For the hair that doesn’t grow past a certain length, hair growth treatment’ is possibly my favourite hair mask ever. Although they can be a bit tricky to use and you have to find something else to do for five minutes in the shower whilst it gets to work, this mask really nourishes, softens, smooths and strengthens hair. I truly love this product and would repurchase time and time again!  

For styling, I am constantly in need of help to volumise. I have very fine thin hair which can be weighed down quickly or just be very wispy. I have been alternating between this Double Blow mousse and a John Freida one over the last few weeks, but I feel this Lee Stafford one has won it. I feel that just one pump of mousse creates a large amount of volume and leaves NO sticky feeling or any weight. I felt the John Freida left just a touch more weight to the hair whereas this one doesn’t.

I also own the Lee Stafford hairspray which has lasted FOREVER! So if that is anything to go by, then the styling mousse will do the same.