I’ve really been enjoying a lot of different things that aren’t just beauty items these few months. So here’s my low-down of all my non-beauty favourites and, of course, some youtube channels to check out!

I’ve been loving waiting for a Monday evening recently, and that because I’ve been an avid fan of Brogan’s youtube channel which you can find here. [LINK] What I’ve been loving about her vlogs and videos are that everything she shows is real and genuine. There’s no denying sometimes youtube seems the perfect no problem-glamorous life but Brogan brings it back with still glam, but true life vlogs. I love her style of vlogging, even if it is just her talking in her car and I think she deserves lots more support! If you’re into a weekly vlog, this is the one to check out!
Another youtube I’ve only just found, is Freddy My Love, who is a bit of a quieter YouTuber and I hadn’t heard of her before but she has the youtube videos we all started to fall for! When we all discovered the Zoella’s, Sprinkle of Glitters etc we fell in love with rambly chatty informative hauls, favourites and routines, and Freddy has it all! No overblown obviously sponsored videos just pure chat! Perfect for anyone looking for a new YouTuber that is different from the rest! [LINK]
Despite saying I wanted something different from youtube, I did give in and treat myself to a couple of books. One from Tanya Burr, I’m sure everyone has heard about Love, Tanya which is her part memoir part self-help guide. Although the parts where you can ‘fill in’ the gaps aren’t really my cup of tea, but are perfect for her younger viewers, I do love a good coffee table style book. I love reading up on her favourites, her lifestyle and fashion ideas. It’s not a long read, but a great one to flick through or to refer back to. It’s super cheap in the supermarkets too, so be sure to check out places like Tesco here [LINK] for only £7.
The second book I bought is Jamie Oliver’s Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste less cookery book. I have previously used his 30 minute meals cook-book and as much as I love it, sometimes it feels a bit of an overload of ingredients to have. However, this book is a bit more compact with its recipes, they’re simpler but still looking mouthwateringly good. The book features dozens of recipes in sections like Chicken, Beef, Pork, Veg, Fish and then a way to do all different recipes with big joints of meat or one set meal. It shows how to save money when shopping and the tips for buying locally.  I can’t wait to get into making some of these meals they all look so yummy! Best of all this book is only £7 as well on Amazon! [LINK]

For music I’ve been a big fan of Sam Smith’s album, I know I’m late to the trend for this one but at first I didn’t enjoy his first releases such as La La La and Money on My Mind, I found them so annoying. However, Lay Me Down, Like I can and Stay With Me are real gems and I can’t stop playing it!

Finally, for the home I’ve been LOVING my Body Shop Home Fragrance Oil. If you’ve not seen these before, they are fantastic highly fragranced oils that are used in an oil burner. Simply place a tea light under an oil burner (best place to buy a Yankee one is Amazon for only £4.96, bargain! [LINK]) and then add about half the pot with cold water, then add about five drops, or as many as you desire, to the water. The candle will heat the water without boiling and fragrance the room with a large amount of scent. My favourite scent is the newest to my collection and is the Aloe and Fresh Linen. You don’t need to over-use this to fill a room but they do dozens of fragrances so worth a go! Much easier to use than you may think too! You can buy The Body Shop oils here, for only £4 each they are great to use instead of candles. [LINK] 

What have you been loving this month? Be sure to check out those youtube channels too!