Brows, brows, brows, everyone is either slating someone else’s or filling in their own and it feels like if you don’t keep up you’re missing out big time. I have been a bit of a novice when it comes to brow products though it has to be said it’s only in the last year I’ve been playing with new products, shaping methods and techniques. But I think my favourite makeup brand has brought it all back to clear view, the Benefit Brow Arch is THE brow.

I’ve been a fan of benefit for years, it was the first high-end brand I got into. Their vintage girlie packaging and simplistic but hugely effective products have been constantly on my wish list at a speed my bank account can’t keep up with. 
However Benefit Brow Bars are all over the place and one recently arrived in my local Debenhams and with the May charity campaign Be Bold Be Beautiful I felt it was the perfect opportunity to give the brow bar a go, donate to a good cause and also pick up a free gimme brow whilst I was at it. Which was an added bonus as I was desperate to see the hype on it.
Like with any makeup counter it can be hit and miss with how polite the assistants are but luckily for me, the girls were welcoming and chatty which makes the world of difference and helps those waxing nerves you get no matter how frequent you are.
They took me through a sheet of any medical issues or allergies and asked me to sign. I know this is as standard in most places, but I think the fact this is a counter treatment in a department store shows some good practice. I’ve worked in a salon and I know the horrors of bad paperwork/admin. Also, although I didn’t have a brow tint this time, they said they were happy to do a tint without 24-hour patch test on your own accord, but can do it if wanted. As much as I believe good practice should be standard, I like the fact that you can decide on your own grounds what you deem fit. Helpful for any last minute bookings!
The treatment was easy, the assistant talked me through each step stating where she was going to begin, what she was applying and asked me what I wanted. I was able to see my brows before the end. (Unlike threading which THANKFULLY has never gone wrong.) The assistant applied the wax and took it off quickly without much tugging. Once it was completed, she also pulled out their Bo-ing industrial strength concealer to cover the redness so I didn’t walk out looking ridiculous. I think this was such a great touch, again seems obvious but to any newbie – the red eyebrow look is not easy to hide in public!
I paid £12.50 for a Benefit Brow Arch (wax) this gave me the arch I’ve been longing for too, that iconic brow arch that adds a frame and feminine touch to the brows. I am not able to work with the shape and if need be pluck them before my holiday! Also, by booking in a treatment, you gain a loyalty card which means every few treatments you get something free (for instance next time I go I get a free tint) I really like this touch too, makes it worth paying that touch more for the service.
I am glad to know the personalised service; chatty nature and extra additions are there for the price paid. The free Gimmie Brow I received was part of their March Charity campaign so doesn’t come every time. However, I can’t wait to try it too so expect a review soon! This is on my eyebrows on this post too.