Lee Stafford knows what women want from hair care. He’s just consistently got it right, we all want long hair at some point, boom he made a hair growth treatment (who else does that?) we want pink packaging as it looks cute in the bathroom, we got it. Big bouncy hair, here it is!

I have VERY flat hair, its thin, oily and flat. It’s great being a natural blonde, because we’re a rare breed but my god its tough to manage. I was so pleased that I’ve found a product that works with no difficulties or fuss.
The Volumizing Mouse for Double Blow is the best ‘boost’ my hair has had in years. I literally apply this EVERYTIME I wash my hair, after its been towel dried for a good ten minutes and just before I blow dry. I don’t have to tip my head upside down for any extra help, and with my frizz ease to help the frizzy ends, I have a great blow dry. 
This is only £6.99 a bottle from boots [LINK] and yet its well worth it and lasts ages. I find it doesnt leave ANY sticky or crispy hair and it works so well to lift the hair all day. Go buy if your hair is flat. Simple as! 

(excuse the makeup-free face, and you can probably see the spot I edited out but needs must hehe!)