A few weeks ago now I went to Crete for a bit of sun, sand and relaxation. We went to the town of Agios Nikolaos which is on the North East of the Island and only about 30 minutes from Malia. The town is no party place like its neighbour but a gorgeous marina town with a handful of beaches, a huge town full of shops, a lake with restaurants and bars and gorgeous scenery for miles.

Whilst I was out in Crete I actually became extremely unwell by the fourth day –  I did get half an amazing holiday but I don’t have tons to say as being ill landed me on three days in bed and a day in a disgusting Greek hospital! However, I hope the pictures make up for it!

We stayed at the Miramare hotel which was about 10 minutes from the town, it was by far the biggest complex on the marina side of the town and we were on the 8th floor. We asked for the quietest room, high floor.  The hotel was nice, we had a half board stay and enjoyed the food and bar areas with the pools too but we felt it shouldn’t of been considered a 4* as it was lacking in places – dirt left in bathroom, bad service from hotel staff and some considerable improvements needed decor wise. However, not bad enough that it would ruin a holiday. 
We lived the Cretian diet of fresh fish, wine, salads, olive oil on everything and cheeses. The first restaurant we had lunch in was amazing, these were actually my boyfriends prawns, he ordered the prawns and out came these HUGE shrimps.  Imagine if these were what we had back home! 
One of the main things about being here that we noticed was the free food. At the same restaurant we were given a mash potato and bread basket starter/nibbles. For desert we had fresh fruit given to us at no notice or ask. Then at EVERY bar we went to for drinks even just water during the day we were given bowls of crisps or nuts. When we went out for cocktails in the evening one night we had nuts and crisp in one bar then the next gave fresh fruit including strawberries and kiwi and then crisps and nuts at a whole different selection. It was filling to say the least!

The views were just stunning and we had lots of fun and time spent just walking around and seeing as much as we possibly could!

This was me in one of the many beauty stores they had… apparently beauty is big in crete. It was more body/face/hair products but still had SO much to choose from. They used Olive Oil in everything and this was evident to see! My boyfriend thought it would be apt to take a picture for my blog! So here the awkward pose is!
It was so so hot, 30C every single day and we’re not talking English 30C.  As I said I was ill, I was extremely unwell to the point where I ended up in the A&E for the day, possibly the worst experience I have ever encountered. It was filthy, unorganised and stressful. I was really unwell to the point where I couldn’t eat/drink or do much and weirdly enough when I arrived home – I was fine and my test results showed nothing. Which was a shame I lost three days of my amazing holiday and that we paid so much to go, to stay indoors. 
It upsets me a bit that we paid so much and my poor boyfriend had to help me through it all, he would go down for dinner and leave me for 10 minutes, scoff as much food as he could to keep up energy himself and come back. I am so gutted I don’t know what happened to me either because a reason would make it easier to handle but seeing these pictures, smiles and memories makeup for it. Just a shame that I lost three days of a holiday! 
I bought way too many clothes for this holiday but at least I have plenty of summer clothes now! So many pairs of shorts, damn you Primark and H&M and you’re cheap persuasive prices! 
Crete was lovely but so hot, I think the best bet with Greece at the moment is, go where it’s touristy like Ag Nik. as you’ll not notice the economic issues as everyone is doing well regardless but take plenty of spare money just in case! 
Where are you off to this year? Any recommendations for my next holiday next year?