A while ago now I had a lovely email asking me if I wanted to spend the day with Travel Supermarket the holiday and travel comparison website to try my hand at the art of towel origami. Now at first I was thinking – this is the oddest event ever but actually thought it would be the most fun! And it was! Me and my boyfriend Dan headed down to the Raddison Blu Bloomsbury London for the day and joined the team and a bunch of other bloggers to try it all out and enjoy a steak and lobster dinner at the end of it!

We were taught by Alison Jenkins who is the pro at the art. She showed us how to make the animals which were a Swan, Monkey, Elephant and Stag and we had to have a go after she demonstrated. Now my boyfriend left saying he had no idea how to do it, and admittedly thought he’d not be as involved… well guess who won the first round and did it within a minute or so!

He was amazing at it, so every time I was asking him HOW DO YOU DO IT? It was a lot of fun to see how just folding a few sides and rolling up another section made an animal!

This was my monkey that, I’m not really sure how I did it! I was surprisedĀ at how I made the face look so toy-like or the ears lookinf so cute! I’d love to see this in a hotel room! Now we’re thinking next time we’re in a hotel and we have enough towels, we’ll show the staff the origami!

Since my boyfriend won the first round, of course we won TOWELS! Egyptian cotton towels no less! I also won joint prize for the monkey so I won a monkey adoption kit too!

After a fun afternoon of construction all those animals we were kindly treated to a meal at the hotel’s Steak and Lobster restaurant. I LOVED the food and the steak was to die for. Dan had the lobster and he had a plentiful amount too! We had fries and salad (unlimited too!) and it was just such a lovely place to go if you like steak or lobster! (There was a veggie option too!)

Thank you to Travel Supermarket for inviting us along and for the fun day! It was so much fun and definitely something we’ll appreciate more in the hotel rooms, I now know how difficult it is to do!

Check out their post on the event here! With even more pics and information! [LINK]
Have you ever tried folding towels or even your napkin… It’s harder than it looks!