This summer has literally flown by and I can’t believe I’ve had six months off! However, the joyous time of the year has rolled back around again and for the last time for me, and it’s time to start the third year of university.

Last year, I did many posts on University Advice which you can find here which feature all different aspects of university tips, tricks and advice on surviving your first, second or even third year! This year begins quickly with our modules involving law, practical modules and for me a dissertation. With the dissertation being a big chunk of my grade, it’s crucial to keep on track and be organised even more so than before!
Here’s what I’m doing to keep on track and my tips for being organised with your notes and prep for your first few days!
NOTEBOOOKS: Obvious, but in my university we often can bring in laptops as well to take notes, as great as it is to be able to type notes quickly on your first few days you’ll be writing down dates, deadlines, notes and little bits. You’ll go straight into lectures too but don’t use your laptop until you’ve got a good understanding for how each lecturer works, some are speedy and some help with notes. Just take a notebook on the first day in case you only take notes and use uni computers!
PLANNERS: This year I made my own planner in order to get organised, I felt it was more crucial than ever to know exactly when dates and deadlines are. Sometimes deadlines roll around quicker than you expect and you have a week to do a whole project! This year I will write all the deadlines given in the first few days straight into my planner and keep a countdown to keep on track. This is also important for any other dates such as reading weeks, exam dates, holidays and more! You can find my planners at LP Planners here [LINK] I sell this planner for £10 so perfect for a student budget too!
DONT FREAK OUT: The first few days are the scariest, you sit there with your teachers telling you countless amounts of information that sounds impossible and unobtainable. I promise you, you can do it! The first days are scary because you’re not at school, there is no one there to hold your hand each way because you’re in charge of your degree completely. So if you want to know what’s coming at you, it’s up to you to get organised. Don’t let it destroy your dreams – write it down, be aware but deal with it in your own way. Get home that evening and look at the calendar and tell yourself that the deadlines given are always obtainable! And if I can do it, you can definitely do it!
ARRIVE EARLY: Don’t be the last to the class, simply never be that person who leaves the lasting impression of the unorganised late one. Public transport is never an excuse and teachers don’t care if you’re there or not, they just don’t want to be interrupted! If you’re doing a commute to uni you’ve never done before, give yourself the first few days to judge the timing, always give yourself more than you need and get to grips with the time rather than relying on Google Map’s journey planner.
Give everything a go and trust me when I say university absolutely flies by, I can’t believe in about 9/10 months time I’ll have to be in the world of work! It only feels like a year ago I was at college! I have succeeded in the first and second years and I am by no means a First Class student, but completing a degree, that takes guts!