Breakfast has always been my downfall, I know its important and sets you up for the day yet I’ve never got on with cereals or museli, toast takes too long in the mornings and some of the breakfast bars you get just never do the trick.  We invested in the Breville Active Blend blender a few weeks ago and I’ve not looked back since. For anyone who doesn’t do breakfasts but could take this with them to work or university, or just wants something that tastes nice for once, this one’s for you!

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This smoothie is as good as it looks, it contains 3 of your 5 a day, oats for protein and fibre and milk for calcium! 

What you’ll need:One red apple – chopped and peeled- A handful of frozen berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries etc)- One whole banana chopped- Half a cup of rolled oats- 150 – 200ml Milk (this can be cows, almond, soya etc)
Place them into your bottle, give it a good shake so the oats and milk can be dispersed and to stop the frozen fruits getting stuck. Place onto your blender and blend until you can’t see or hear any more large fruit. I make mine quite thin in texture. If you like it thick, use less milk and vice versa.

I think this tastes so nice by using my favourite fruits, it hasn’t many bits in it as such but you can taste the oats in a powdery way. The milk gives it the smoothie like texture so if you used apple juice or water instead you’d get more of a juice. I prefer milk to make it similar to a breakfast.I get my frozen fruit from Asda or Tesco, Waitrose sells it too.

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You’ll find it near the frozen deserts and they do smoothie packs or berries. You don’t need to defrost them so it’s perfect to make it cold and refreshing and you’re still getting all the nutrients.  My Oats are just Quaker Rolled Oats too.Do you enjoy smoothies for breakfast? Definitely give this one a go! Perfect for on the go and these fill me up until 1pm if I have one at around 8am! I don’t need any snacks in between so it’s perfect for a busy lifestyle!