There’s something so luxurious about owning a good hand wash and knowing when you have visitors they think you’ve really made it if you’ve got a fancy hand wash.  In our case, we received two Molton Brown products from my other half’s mum in our stockings and I was so happy. Although the hand wash is mine and the shower gel Dan’s, lets face it, he’ll let me use both! We got the Naran Ji liquid hand wash and the Black Peppercorn body wash.

The handwash is a fine liquid soap that you only need a little to create lather. Its really hard to describe this scent but it’s fresh and citrusy. I had to google this to find out Naran Ji is actually the old name for Orange and Bergamot. The hand wash contains mandarin, seville orange, and of course bergamot. I love how fresh this scent is, very zesty and just perfect for the bathroom. I do find I have to apply hand cream after I wash my hands with this, but to be fair I have to with most soaps so this probably doesn’t apply to everyone.

This looks very swish in the bathroom and I think if you’re looking to splash out to add a lovely touch to your bathroom this makes a real difference from your normal carex!

The Black Peppercorn shower gel was bought for Dan so can be quite a masculine fragrance but as a girl I love it too. If you’re a woman who likes her musky scents or something unusual for change this is perfect. This smells so warm and luxurious. With Madagascan black pepper and herbs this creates a really lovely shower gel. It is quite thin in consistency but a little goes a long way. This does linger too with the scent and it doesn’t just wash off like a lot of shower products.  I love that they describe it as Hot, Spicy and Adventurous!

Have you tried many Molton Brown products, are there any scents you live by? I’d love to try more products from the range!