The beginning of 2016 kick started a new healthy approach to living. I don’t want to kick all the good treats in my life out but I do want to start replacing some of the excessive amounts I was having with better alternatives. Dan and I have been making smoothies in the morning, cooking nutritious food and also making better snack choices. The lovely guys at Clearly Scrumptious have helped me out with my snacking habits and sent me a huge batch of treats to try!

Clearly Scrumptious was created by Rick and James who found that after training for a mountain marathon they thought the quality of dried fruit snacks was disappointing and they wanted to change that! They thought that most of the ones on the market were lacking flavour, packed with sugar and barely resembled fruit.

I can safely confirm these are so much better for you, it feels like you really are eating the best form of dried fruit. The strawberry tastes like soft jam and feels very fresh despite being dried. Dan has helped me through a few and said he loved the tangy berries, although sour they were like eating sweets and that made it not feel so ‘healthy’ and more of a treat which I think is the key to making a┬áhealthy┬áchange. You’ve got enjoy what you eat too!

These are also free from gluten, wheat, diary and sulphites so everyone can enjoy them! You can pick up your own packets of these, perfect for in your bag for a snack, on the go, for your desk or even a mountain like James and Rick here on their website [LINK].