Styling my hair is often a bit of a chore if I’m in a rush, and I know I should be doing a lot more for my hair to get the look I want. With Fudge Urban I’ve changed my routine up by incorporating just two products for a daily look.  I have the Feel The Heat heat protection spray and the Iced Raspberry and Vanilla styling mousse to review and I’ve fallen in love with these fun and bold products.

Hair Replacement
I have to hold my hands up. I’ve never used a heat protectant spray in the 9 or 10 years I’ve used heat tools. Which is awful I know. I have to use masks often on my hair as it gets frazzled a lot but heat protectant is putting me back on track. This product can protect up to 235C which is very hot so perfect for all of my hair stylers. A few sprays of this over my hair just gives a light coating of this lightweight spray and gives me some reassurance. It’s such a fine mist you don’t even notice it going on but it works and I do feel it give my hair a bit of a softer touch once it’s been blow dried or styled.
The raspberry and vanilla styling mousse truly does smell as good as it sounds. I love products that smell amazing and also work! This mousse is perfect for anyone with fine flat hair (ME!) or anyone looking to style with rollers, curlers or boosting it. This has heat protectant and anti-frizz in it too so a perfectly multi-purpose for anyone looking to have a quick all in one product. It has a medium strength hold but it worked perfectly for me for a long time with curls.

You can buy fudge urban products from Tesco, Superdrug, Boots and ASOS. No excuse not to try the products! You can find Feel the Heat here [LINK] for only £5.99 and you can buy the mousse here [LINK] for £6.29 both from Boots!