As you may have seen in my recent posts I’ve become a big smoothie lover! Juicing has become part of my routine and find it the easiest way to get a good breakfast into my system with minimum effort and a good taste! If you want to know more about the juicer I use check out my review of my Breville Blend-Active here [LINK]. For today’s smoothie recipe I’ve got a health kick in a bottle. Admittedly it’s no match to my favourite berry breakfast smoothie but this gives you a good healthy boost of vitamins, iron and 4 of your 5 a day!

For this simple smoothie you will need:


One whole apple (green or red) chopped into small pieces

1/4 of a cucumber chopped

One handful of kale

One handful of spinach

150 – 200ml of water

Place all your ingredients into your blender, making sure you include your water/liquid. This can be changed for apple juice but remember juice has a lot of sugar in so may be best to only have juice as a treat. This blends very quickly and easily just make sure you give it a long blitz to avoid any stalk like bits.

Other ingredients that can be added include ginger, lemon, celery. I don’t like these in drinks so avoid them but they are great for adding a kick to any drink.

This recipe makes around 400ml of juice, which for a green juice is what I prefer. Although green juice looks gross and isn’t the most delicious drink, I find by adding an apple and cucumber the green leafy vegetables are hidden and you mostly taste the apple. The benefits of drinking green juice include antioxidants, calcium, iron, manganese, vitamins A and C and a huge host of nutrients.  If you need an extra boost then check out Nutri-system for men which enhances your weight loss and vitamin intake! Even if you have this juice twice a week, you know you’ll be boosting your vitamins and nutrients up which is perfect during the winter and germ season!