There’s something about a quick and easy face mask that appeals to me everytime. Gone are the days where we need to buy those 99p packets that most likely caused more harm than good but smelt of chocolate.  We’re talking about the show stopper that is Sanctuary Spa’s 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask! I love Sanctuary’s products, they’re classic, affordable and luxurious and this is no exception!

This thermal detox mask is exactly what it says on the tin. My first impressions were that anything that can give my skin a deep cleanse and pick me up in five minutes is an instant winner. A few nights ago me and Dan (yes, he dabbles in a secret face mask or two) applied a layer of this to our faces and within minutes it was time to wash it off. Five minutes goes so quickly, you instantly feel the warmth when you apply it to the skin but it’s not offensively hot. When washing it off, it’s still ‘wet’ to touch but I prefer this, some masks become so heavy when they dry that you hurt your skin by trying to get it off. This is just a thick cream that wipes off with a muslin.

As you can see, it’s a dark blue grey colour and although you can try and apply a thick layer, you only need a light covering to get onto the pores. You can see that it doesn’t dry and is perfect for your T-Zone.

The results, well it’s simple. This is a no frills mask. It doesn’t claim to remove every blackhead on your head, but what it does do is brighten, cleanse and nourish your skin in five minutes.  With a few goes this really cleanses and reduces some pesky blemishes!

Perfect for a morning pick me up, a hangover treat, or whenever you need to cleanse and revitalise with this charcoal mask, you can!  Best of all this mask only costs £10. I reckon you’ll get a minimum of ten goes out of one tube so this is a real bargain product to have in your stash! I can’t rave about it anymore, it just works and feels like a real treat to the skin!

You can purchase this mask from here [LINK] or instore!