Over the last few years, life has gone really quite mad. I’m engaged to an amazing guy, I’m in my own home (renting but still) and I’m just about to graduate from my journalism degree. It’s weird, very weird how time flies and yet when you’re living in the moment – it feels very normal.

When I was at school, for about 8 years of my life I was picked on a lot. Not necessarily physically, but mentally, people bullied the shit out of me. I know a lot of people say they were picked on, but I really just wasn’t one of them girls, that people liked. Maybe it’s because I’m an introvert and can be very independent, therefore I don’t blend in when I should, maybe it was the way I dressed, the things I said, at the end of the day I never deserved it, but now I’m at a great stage of my life. The people who treated me like that, still haven’t got any further in life, now I’m the one winning.

So… younger Lisa, here’s what I’d say to you.

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The girls at school who picked on you because puberty took a minute to understand – you current have a beauty blog that’s pretty successful and you get sent products to review, because people value your opinion.

The online hate, messaging and bullying online – don’t worry. The experience you gain from being online, dealing with it and addressing it – means you had a safe time online and therefore your time on it, has helped you get a job in online marketing.

It doesn’t matter that you’re one of the only naturally blonde girls, whilst everyone else is experimenting with their hair. A lot of people will still be jealous as you remain blonde for another 10 years plus! Result!

Be glad you didn’t drop out of school, miss too much school and even when you cried about going, be glad you did. You’re about to finish your BA in Journalism, with most likely a 2:1 and at a top journalism university in bloody London! School has made you into something to be proud of.

Your blue eyeshadow with pink in the crease – unblended and without mascara. You looked awesome and the rebellious side got you noticed.

Be glad your mum taught you lots of crafty things, because you’ll make a planner business one day and it will make money!

Lisa, remember when you used to try to cook at home with your parents then your dad would tell you, that you were doing it wrong and take over? That doesn’t change, all men like to ‘help’ in the kitchen. Luckily when you’re older – you can be in charge of your own kitchen!

Vegetables are really quite nice and really good for you. Even when your mum told you to eat your peas or ‘try’ something new and you didn’t believe it could be nice. I promise, there will be days where all you want to eat is fruit and vegetables.

Make your bed every day – no ifs, no buts, a tidy room is a tidy mind. Admittedly, it’s hard to say that as a 21-year-old with a kitchen that could definitely do with a bit of a tidy…

You definitely didn’t need a boyfriend at 13, 15, 17 etc. Boys really do smell at that age and normally of a full can of lynx (yuck). Cry for a broken heart, but only because you wasted time on them. When you are mature enough and have your own independence, and truly when you don’t expect it. A magical man (note man, not boy) will come into your life, lift you off your feet and make you feel love – yes the type you see on the movies. He will then tell you he loves you, and ask you to marry him. Say YES, every time, because he makes you very happy and cares about you.

And lastly, and pretty importantly, EAT everything when you’re young and your metabolism is amazing. When you get older you can still eat everything but you have to pay £30 a month to go into a room with lots of machines to burn off all the food.

What would you tell your younger self now?