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Once again wedding season has arrived, which means that soon enough the invites will start flying through your post box. On average, most of us get invited to at least one wedding a year. It’s easy to think of weddings as just another celebration to get dressed up for, but being a wedding guest is much more than that. If you’ve been invited to share in a couple’s special day, it’s because they want to celebrate with you. Each wedding guest costs a couple over £300 on average – that’s a lot of money. So if you’ve been sent an invite (visit Pure Invitation for personalised wedding invites), you need to be on your best behaviour. The question is, what does it mean to have good wedding etiquette as a guest?

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What you should do: 
It’s crucial that your RSVP as soon as you can. Until the bride and groom know who is attending, it can make planning their big day difficult. Even if the deadline for RSVPs is months away, send it back as soon as you can – it’s the polite thing to do.

Dress to impress and not offend. The last thing you want to do is upstage the bride, so it’s crucial that you’re sure about the style of the wedding before picking your outfit. For a formal wedding, cocktail dresses can look great, but for a more casual affair if you wear this style of dress you may upstage the bride. Ask a bridesmaid or family member of the bride about the dress code, to ensure that you get it right.

Whatever you do, be on time. It’s rude to turn up to a wedding ceremony late, as the chances are you’ll disturb things. Leave plenty of time to get to the venue, to ensure that even if you get stuck in traffic, that you arrive on time. If you are late, wait until the bridesmaids and bride have walked down the aisle and then slip silently in. Sit at the table that you’ve been assigned. The bride and groom would have spent hours sorting out the seating arrangements, so whatever you do, make sure to sit in your assigned seat. Even if most of your friends are seated at the other end of the room, don’t try to squeeze onto their table. The chances are there’s a good reason that you’re seated where you are, so respect the bride and groom’s wishes and stay where you’re put.

What you shouldn’t do:
Do not invite along a plus one. If your invite doesn’t state that you plus one are invited then don’t bring one, it’s as simple as that. It’s important to remember that the bride and groom are on a budget. If they haven’t given you a plus one invite, that’s probably because their budget doesn’t stretch that far. Don’t use your phone. At regular social gatherings, it’s considered rude to sit glued to your phone, at weddings it’s unforgivable. The bride and groom have asked you to be part of their special day, so make sure that you’re an active part of it. You can text your partner or share photos on Facebook later. While you’re at the wedding, keep your phone safely tucked away in your bag.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to be the best wedding guest that you can be. Weddings are meant to be fun, so don’t be afraid to have a laugh. Just make sure to be respectful of the bride and groom’s wishes and not do anything to upset or annoy them.