As I’ve been a student for the last few years, I’ve felt really guilty when I’ve been reading any book that isn’t an educational book. The last month has seen me work on my dissertation and even though I could have read, I just want to not be looking at words whilst doing it! I treated myself to two four new books ready for the summer and when I have the freedom to read anything I like again! I’m on holiday at the end of May and am looking forward to sitting on a sun lounger reading! These are some books I’ve wanted to read for ages too!

Dream a little dream by Giovanna Fletcher, £3.85, is one of the books I’ve been dying to get round to reading. I’m a big fan of rom-com books and this one sells it to me. Its about a girl called Sarah and her dream for the perfect man! Gi’s book really appeal to me and I think her style of writing will be on that appeals to me especially for an easy summer good-mood read!

I’ve got your number by Sophie Kinsella also for £3.85 totally appeals to me as I’m Sophie’s biggest fan. The Shopoholic series is my favourite book, admittedly I was a bit sad when it became a movie because its the English nature and humour that sells these books to me. I love how easy it is to read these books and I become hooked! I’ve got your number is a book about a lost engagement ring and the way to return it gets just that bit complicated! It sounds a laugh a minute!

The second love of my life by Victoria Walters, £5.59 has been on a lot of the best seller lists in the shops so I wanted to get my hands on it! Even the cover sold it to me to be honest! This is about a widow finding a new love but its not as doom and gloom as it may seem and I think its the perfect sounding chick flick for summer!

Lastly, Strictly between us by Jane Fallon is also £3.85 and appealed to me by the cover to be honest! This is about a woman suspecting an affair, but all is not what it seems especially those who she can trust. I love things like this, Im a big fan of gossip and secrets (in books) so this sounds really intruiging!

The £3.85 books were part of a 3 for £10 deal! Im so excited to read books again for enjoyment! Something enjoyable about reading a book in the sunshine, before bed or just for lesuire! What are your top summer reads? I’d love to get more on my shelves ready!