I don’t review hair loss care enough and I think when I find a good range for my hair type, I should be shouting about it. I have oily roots and normal/dry ends. I know more ranges are embracing this type, such as the L’Oreal clay range but I found L’Oreal was starting to make my hair really limp. So I decided to change it up with a new range. I picked up the Tresemme Oleo Radiance range when it was half price on a bit of a whim, but I’ve become pleasantly surprised by the range.

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The range is a lightweight blend of oils that nourish the hair without giving it that greasy weighed down feel which being blonde and thin haired I get so easily. It makes my hair light, manageable, clean as a whistle and keeps it really shiny. My hair was starting to need a wash every other day when I used to be an every 2 or 3-day girl a few years ago. A busy schedule can make washing your hair and blow drying a real chore and I wanted to try and tackle it when I had the chance.

This range is really good. I can’t even explain it better, it cleans my hair so well, no knots or tangles. The conditioner doesn’t weigh my hair down and keeps it nice and manageable for a few days after. Even when my hair is a touch greasier, it’s not as noticeable now.

I think if you’re looking for a range to clean your hair, keep it soft and manageable without any other promises, Oleo is the range to pick up! It feels really luxurious but is so easy to use. I believe there is an oil in the range if you wanted to style your hair with a lightweight product too. It is currently half price in Boots at £2.99 but normally retails for £5.99. Tresemme is one of them brands always on offer so you will find this in a deal in supermarkets or Boots.