A primer can make the world of difference to a face of makeup. I for one, often forget and can be in such a rush that I forget that crucial step. But the one step I’ve not stopped forgotten is an eyeshadow primer.

My favourite comes in the form as Stay Don’t Stray. The Benefit Cosmetics primer is one of their best products in my opinion as the primer is not only for eyeshadows but for concealers too. Any eyeshadow and mascara stays put with a quick swipe of this cream. The bottle may appear small but its considerably larger than most primers and the primer comes with a large sponge applicator meaning you only need a small dab of primer to cover the whole of the lid and another dab for under the eyes.

It doesn’t dry as fast as some primers but it doesn’t leave it wet, the difference in this between other primers is that it doesn’t provide a powdery/dry finish which allows it to be a really easy product. I personally am not a huge fan of a dry finish so this is a refreshing addition to the primer world.

Another great use of this primer is for a natural makeup day, it brightens and lightly conceals the eye area which is great if you don’t need much concealer (I normally do unfortunately) or looking to just brighten the area.

This retails for £20.50 which is quite reasonable as a little really does go a long way and I can imagine this lasting me a very long time. You can find it from [LINK].