This is a rather belated post as this happened nearly a month ago now but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had the chance to blog. But yes, I’m finally happy to say that I’m a graduate! I can officially have BA Hons in Journalism after my name after finishing my three-year degree at City University, London.

It’s been the most hectic, stressful, painful and best years. I’ve made some great friends, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about myself during the process which has got me to a good point in my life now. University has been one of those experiences that have flown by when I look back on it.
I was so glad that I had my parents and my fiance there to see me walk on stage to be given my 2:1. I am so proud of myself for getting my goal grade and also so so proud of my friends and classmates. I don’t know if they read my blog, but I’d like to give a shout out to the gang, they know who they are, for getting through university with me, making it fun and being the shoulder when I needed them! I am so happy that they were the people who I spent my days with.

Also, HELL YES, to the journo gang being the loudest WOO-ers of the graduation. I just loved that we all were the loudest and we had the most friends cheering us all on!

I’m already working full time as a Marketing & Design Consultant which I’m loving, I’ve found a great office to be in with lots of great people and the work is my skill set completely. I am doing lots of Adobe work and social media! Everything I learnt at university and college, it’s so perfect!

Wedding Dresses

My dress was Ted Baker, my shoes were River Island and my bracelet is also Ted Baker. I did my own hair and makeup!