2016 was a busy old year, I got engaged, graduated, got a full time job and moved house. I think its fair to say I had it all going on and it wasn’t without its stresses. I was ill a lot, lots of general colds and bugs. I also found being a full time worker a big transition and we’re planning a wedding which is one of the most stressful things you can do, let me tell you! But the new year is here, we’re getting married in May so here’s how I plan to tackle the new year.

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Living in Northampton has opened up lots of new places to explore, lakes, forests and trails to go walking and exploring. I love going for walks, not only are they super good for your health but they provide a chance to get off the sofa and not spend all day doing the same mundane thing.  We’re terrible at doing nothing in an evening so I’m hoping to get to the gym, go for runs and enjoy the outdoors again!
As our wedding approaches I want to make sure I feel my best, have good skin and look the best I’ve ever looked. Although I know I don’t need to loose inches everywhere, I do want to tone up and look well. I want to make sure my food especially what I take to work is healthy. I love taking a good salad and fruit to work and know it does wonders for my health. I also found that over the end of 2016, I became so unwell but even the doctors told me I was just ‘tired’, I didn’t really believe them but I did up my vitamin intake, I am currently alternating each day between Well Woman Daily Vitamins and Solgar Vitamin B Complex Extra Strength. The daily vitamins provide all the vitamins I need and the B complex helps for those gloomy days to give me a boost of energy and help my hair wigs, skin and nails! The B complex also helps with boosting your mood, great for stress and worries! I’m trying to remember to take these in turn each day!
Not only do I want to get the house in best shape after Christmas, I want to make sure I keep organised with my work and my blog. I have great ideas for both and want to make sure I do well in my job. I’ve been there nearly a year so I’m excited to keep working hard.
I also want to start saving more, we do well as a couple to save into an account and our money pots which helps towards the wedding but I’d like to start having a rainy day fund so I can make sure I’ve always got something stored away for emergencies or anything I may need it for in the future.
Although these aren’t exactly resolutions, they are a start to a positive mindset and moving forward for the new year. What do you have in mind this new year? What are you embracing in 2017?