LVL Lash lift and HD Brows – Lucy Lashes – Northampton

With wedding prep swiftly underway it was only right that aside from alterations, decoration buying and seating plans, that I should think about looking my best on the biggest day of my life! Lucy Lashes who provides HD Brows Northampton, provided just that! I had recently heard about Nouveau LVL lashlift and had previously heard about HD brows so decided to get both done and see what the fuss is about! Now I’m hooked!

Lucy lashes lvl lash lifts hd brows northampton

Nouveau LVL lashes are ‘lift, volume and lengthen’ lashes which use your natural lashes to lift and curl using a ‘perm’ style treatment that is non evasive. You keep your eyes closed during the treatment and many steps are applied to create conditioning, tints, curls and more to your lashes. The treatment roughly lasts an hour depending on the look you’re after but you just keep your eyes closed and at the end, you’ll have perfectly curled lashes. They look like you’ve got an awesome pair of false lashes or mascara on but its all your own! No longer do you need the plasticky, hard feeling of extensions but these natural lashes are soft and manageable!HD Brows were a treatment I was eager to try! After losing my usual brow girl when I moved to Northampton and trying a few different treatments, I decided the best treatment for me would be HD brows. As a blonde I get a lot of fluff/baby hairs around my forehead and eyebrows and I am terrible at shaping them myself.I love filling my brows in as they really frame your face and complete the look but if they’re starting to look more like removed cousins than sisters then its impossible to get anywhere with filling them in! HD brows has completely changed my thoughts on brows, the after results are flawless, Lucy created a perfect shape exactly to suit my needs and removed all the horrible baby hairs around my face too! HD brows are a combination of waxing, plucking, threading and tinting to create the perfect end result.

HD brows are a great way to train your brows to get a desired shape too, with regular treatments you can start to create an arch or helps to grow back sparse patches by working with a shape that suits you.

The pictures speak for themselves for lashes and brows,  the best part about these treatments combined is that you can wake up, apply foundation to even the skin tone and you’re good to leave the house! By having lashes and brows done you can look so made up without trying!

I found that Lucy at Lucy Lashes – Northampton did both brows and lashes and for a combination of both meant you got a 20% discount! A winner! Lucy’s service was awesome, she took her time, provided a consultation which allowed me to request and decide on what look I was after, she run through how the treatment was performed and made it an enjoyable experience.

Something that’s important for my beauty salon experiences is good service in the form of a talkative beautician. If you’re spending two hours laying there having treatments done its nice to be told whats happening to your face (especially when your eyes are closed) and to make it a more relaxing personal experience.

I am already booked in for my next set and will have another set of brows and lashes before my wedding too.

If you’re Northamptonshire based then head to Lucy Lashes in Northampton for the best brow and lash treatments!