This is a sponsored post with Gousto. Cooking is one of my favourite past times, when a meal turns out to be a real tasty treat aside from a everyday cooking experience, it can be a really enjoyable thing to do. Food boxes have quickly become the metropolitan cooking experiences for busy households and I’m already really impressed by the quality and experience.

Gousto boxes are like many of the other known brands in that you choose a couple of recipes be it for two or four people and you can choose which meals you want. There are LOADS to choose from and you can specialise whether you want a healthy option or filter down what you like. It was a really tough choice but it’s also the perfect way to try something new!

You can choose what day you wish to get your box delivered and the best part. The boxes are filled with cool bags for the meat elements. This means all the goods that need to be fresh are kept fresh all day whilst in transit. That was always a concern of mine that you would either have warm meat or you’d have to source the meat yourself. The boxes are trackable and since they have cool-bags, you don’t need to worry about being home for delivery!

The two recipes are all in one box with meat in the cool bag compartment. Everything is specifically portioned to fit the recipes. Even the peanut butter was a cute tub of Meridian and you get exactly one garlic clove! I love how cost effective in terms of wastage it is. I really didn’t think the rice was enough but ended up being slightly too much infact!

I got Dan on board with this adventure so he chose a recipe as did I. This was a great excuse to jazz up a chilled weekends meals instead of grabbing a takeaway or meal deal at Tesco! I chose the Thai Chicken Satay with Cucumber Pickle. Dan chose a Korean option of Korean Beef Bulgogi which is something we’ve never tried before!

Both recipe cards are really easy to follow with simple instructions and pictures to illustrate. It’s worth reading the card ahead incase two steps need to be done at once but there was nothing ‘too’ hard about cooking it even if you’ve never made it before! With everything already measured out exactly too, you don’t need to dig out the scales or cut much up!

The first recipe we tried was the Chicken Satay which if I do say so myself, turned out pretty true to the picture! It tasted really fresh and nice and we’ve been completely inspired by how easy it was to make. The recipe cards will come in handy for future reference too! The chicken satay was really tasty and fun to use skewers. It made a relaxed Saturday meal really interesting and was a fun meal to present too.

Dan was the one to cook the Korean beef dish which filled our house with an unusual aroma, unusual in a good way! It smelt really authentic and the inclusion of green beans within a beef dish was great! We would never have made a dish like this before so it was great to learn what goes well with other dishes. Dan’s review was that if you were trying to impress a date or show off a good meal, these boxes are ideal! You also become fixed on trying to match the picture too so Dan even made the round ice rather than just on the plate!

These boxes are a lot of fun and great for branching out your cooking skills, the recipes you can get are often different options to your usual spag bol or sausage and mash. I really think these are ideal for busy people who need to jazz up their meals or if you want to cut out the fatty takeaways and make mealtimes more exciting on the weekends. We probably won’t be buying a box every week but we will definitely buy a box every now and then to make a meal more exciting or to try something different!

So would you like to try out a box yourself from only £7.49, saving £20? Then use the code TORNADO to get £20 off each of your 1st and 2nd Gousto orders on any sized box.  The code is a discount code and not an affiliate link so if you want to give it a try and update your meals this week definitely try it! You can cancel your subscription at anytime and buy boxes on and off as you wish too! Visit  https://www.gousto.co.uk/ to see all it has to offer!