I never knew what to think about Clarins as a brand, I’d never really tried any of their products or heard huge amounts on them. But I knew they did offer a quietly confident array of products. I never knew if it was the right brand for me, if I’d get on with them or if they were horrendously expensive. But I’m pleased to say that my opinions have quickly changed after trying a handful of their products. When I brought a new facial moisturiser from them I was given a great service from their Debenhams concession and the lovely lady at the counter talked me through the range as well as a handful of samples of products that she thought would suit me. They were the famous Beauty Flash Balm and the Blue Orchid Oil.

The Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is a targeted treatment to boost dehydrated skin. I went to the counter saying I was looking to completely hydrate my skin as it was looking a bit sad! My purchase of face moisturiser was the  HydraQuench Cream which works as a day cream at putting moisture back into the skin. The Orchid face oil works before using the moisturiser and as a treatment to restore radiance and puts moisture back into the dehydrated skin. It revitalises the skin and tones it up. It is one of their best sellers and contains extracts of rosewood, patchouli and blue orchid, a perfect natural mix!

This oil was such a treat to use alongside the moisturiser. I used this before bed and made sure to massage into the skin. When I woke up my skin instantly looked refreshed on first use and rebalanced the skin to look so much plumper and healthier. I think with continual use this would create a great balancing product for dry skin and would help prevent fine lines or slacking skin.

The Beauty Flash Balm is a unique product and one of Clarin’s best sellers. The flash balm works almosts as a hybrid between moisturiser and primer and requires quick application before makeup to provide a boost to skin. It is the ultimate pick me up for tired skin and works to eliminate signs of tired and worn out skin. It brightens, tightens and lifts the skin to look your very best. The instructions say to apply quickly and not to rub in but place upon the skin and then apply makeup quickly after.

It makes your face glow from beneath and works by using olive and witch hazel extract to smooth the skin surface and diffuse blemishes or fine lines. It’s clear to see why this is a best seller as it makes you look pretty awesome, no need for extra makeup to glow, this works continually throughout the day to boost your complexion.

These were just samples of the products that I tried so hadn’t got a full months or so use out of them but my experience with Clarins has been hugely lifted and I’m loving the moisturiser I bought which was a full size too. I hope to try more from Clarins in the future!