I’m the last to everything in the skincare world, yet to try Deciem and I’ve only just tried a tissue mask. I finally got my hands on the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask which although looks terrifying when on, really was a nice treat of moisture to my sun-parched skin! I managed to pick up the mask that is tailored towards Normal/Combination skin as that is more my skin type instead of the Dehydrated skin type.

This mask is the perfect weekly treatment for combination skin with dry areas as well as oily areas that need rebalancing. A perfect option for my crazy skin! The tissue mask is drenched in hydrating serum that is supposedly as active as 1 week’s use of a day care serum!

The mask I’ve picked up contains green tea and hyaluronic acid to combat shine, refresh skin whilst also rebalancing the whole face!The mask is attached to a plastic film which helps in the application. All the eye, nose and mouth holes are already cut for you so you just place the mask against your cleansed skin and make sure the blue film faces outwards.

Once all around your skin, remove the film and adjust the mask to fit the contours of your skin. It’s easier said than done, but don’t do it with family about, they may be a little scared!You leave the mask on for 15 minutes and despite how heavily saturated the mask is, the tissue is strong enough to stick to the face without slipping or ripping. Once the time is up, you can rub the residue in or you can use a cotton pad to remove.

The residue is a little sticky but does rub in nicely after a minute or two and leaves the skin super moisturised, radiant and soft! It really does give a boost to the skin and unlike wash off face masks, it can take a second to not feel that super cleaned out feeling but your skin does thank you for this mask!

I definitely want to try these more often as they’re so easy to use and work so well at providing intense moisture and serum into the skin. The best part is you can buy these in Boots or Superdrug whereas a lot of these tissue masks used to be only available in selected boutique beauty shops and are harder to get hold of.

You can get these for only £2.99 normally but I’ve recently picked this up for half price too! [LINK]