Wedding invitations are the sneak peek into the style of wedding you’ll be having, from the details you provide, the venue itself and most importantly the design will show the theme you’re going for! I knew I wanted kraft paper and Etsy is the perfect intracate store to find intricate designs that cover exactly the style you want!

etsy wedding invitations rustic design kraft

I found these invitations after a good month of searching and once I found this store I knew it would be the perfect way to set up our barn wedding. You can see more about our venue here [LINK] and you’ll definitely agree that the invitations set up the theme of the day!

The invitations are sold as rustic invitations inspired by a barefoot-in-the-woods natural wedding day. It has hand-lettered calligraphy, an information card, perforated RSVP postcard and they can provide custom maps to help show directions!

etsy wedding invitations rustic design kraft

Our card allowed us to have plenty space for our guest’s names, all the information on the venue. But also the ‘info’ card meant we could supply info on hotels, where the barn was (and a little information on its history) and gifts. We also added some notes about the day such as ‘cash no cards’ and there was no mobile signal so book taxies ahead. Everyone thanked us for these notes as it helped them out well in advance.

The invitations were from FeelGoodInvites and they are available on the Etsy store here [LINK]. Each invite was around 99p each but you can add custom maps which if you draw on a piece of paper and send to the team, they produce awesome maps for you! We couldn’t fit this on but you can see examples of the maps on their store page.

etsy wedding invitations rustic design kraft

We massively over ordered by about 50… oops! But it was great to have enough and we have a few for mementoes too! The invites were EXACTLY what we were after and everyone loved them. I think it sets the scene perfectly and the best part…

Everyone was able to tear off the bottom, put their names, and dietary requirements and lastly, put their song request down so we could get some requests played during the wedding! All they had to do was put a stamp on, and it was sent just like a postcard, to our house! I loved receiving these over the few weeks after we sent them out!

etsy wedding invitations rustic design kraft

We ordered 70 cards, with envelopes at cost, for around £200. Ok, so it was a lot!! But some companies were even more than this for such basic artwork and simple finishes. I knew we wanted a personal touch and I’m so glad we did it.

We had a lot left over but if you ordered half of this, for around 80 guests, you’d definitely have plenty left over! Make sure to check out FeelGoodInvites if you’re looking for an intricate natural design, where they keep you informed at every stage! The service is second to none and much better than going to a company like Vistaprint or similar, as this is personal to you and your day!  [LINK]