Weddings can be the busiest organising experience and although there are definitely stressful elements, planning can be a fun part of your life too.  There are so many activities like choosing your food, exploring venues and deciding on drinks that make the process a lot more fun than it can seem, especially when the last minute stress kicks in!

I’m definitely not saying planning our wedding was easy, because there were times where I thought, I’m not cut out for this. I have no idea what I’m doing and a wedding planner sounds a great idea. But, I always got us back on track and you have to remember that it’s you and your fiance planning it, even if they are happy to go with what you want.

PINTEREST IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Most of us have created a ‘dream wedding’ board to plan way ahead of any wedding, so when it’s ready to get planning, utilise Pinterest till your heart’s content. Lots of family members kept asking what ‘theme’ or ‘colours’ I wanted and although I had rough ideas, I never could describe just one theme. Pinterest was a great place to collaborate all my ideas and thoughts into one place in order to show everyone what my head was thinking. You can see my board here [LINK] and it was ideal to add in any ‘DIY’ projects or hair ideas in here too.  If there’s something that you want to do, it will be on Pinterest and show you how to do it!

PLAN, WRITE AND RECORD. As Dan wasn’t into Pinterest and wedding magazines, the best way to put ideas down was to use a big scrapbook to write EVERYTHING down. To keep on budget and to keep a track of what we needed to get done, we wrote everything into this book. It wasn’t neat, pretty or colour co-ordinated but it allowed us to keep track and keep those stresses out. Dan kept a full tally of what we’d spent each time it was a wedding shop and this meant we knew what we were hitting for our budget. We didn’t do anything on loans or finance but if you’re planning on doing so this is a great way to understand how close you’re getting to your main budget. Our scrapbook was a lovely one from Paperchase which oddly enough I bought just before we got engaged! Here are some similar options [LINK] or [LINK].

ENJOY THE LITTLE MOMENTS.  There are so many moments in wedding planning from visiting possible venues, signing the dotted lines on registrars and dress moments that you should remember these in times of stress. One of my favourite memories of the planning was getting our friends Georgia and Brad over for the weekend and after a haul of Majestic wine, we got through six bottles of wine. It was a great way to get their opinion on the wine, decide which one was best for a party and just enjoy putting the two together. We quickly found our prosecco that night and it was a great way to get everyone involved too. Choosing our venue was a special moment as the location can normally mean a lot to you and once a venue is chosen, that’s it. You’re getting married!

TELL PEOPLE IN ADVANCE WHAT YOU WANT. Everyone wants to give you ideas, input parts and tell you what they like for weddings but something you HAVE to do is lay down what you want from people. Ideas are awesome but if there’s something you REALLY don’t want, then you must say before it creates problems later on and you feel worried for offending. Do this as early as you start planning so that you stop any dramas later!

HAVE FUN. It’s the best time of your life. Don’t worry about what might go wrong, because more often than not, on the day you won’t even remember or notice the little things! Keep it exactly what you and your fiance want, enjoy the cake, drink plenty of wine and remember it’s about being in love!!