Choosing your makeup and hair for your wedding can be such a difficult choice, you want the perfect look, a great service, brands you can trust and two girls who can help you make your morning go smoothly. After my wedding day went so perfectly, and I have two amazing people help me and my girls get ready, I am excited to share my makeup and hair wigs looks from the wedding!

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First of all, I had my hair trial what feels like forever ago with the lovely Clare Louise. You can visit Clare’s website here [LINK]. Clare made my trial go perfectly, and when I showed her a ‘rough’ idea on Pinterest, she performed absolute magic on my hair and I was shocked. I rarely wear my hair in a ponytail let alone up but she performed magic. I LOVED the final look of fish tail braids, curls and a up do. Ok, so it’s a lot going on but I loved how different it was for me.

My hair being up meant I could pin bits back if they fell, it held up perfectly and the more tousled it was the better it looked anyway! I loved it being up as well as it didn’t touch my neck or make me hot. This was a big concern since it was 25C on my wedding day, I wanted to be sure that my hair didn’t fall on the day. Clare was the perfect hairdresser, she had all the right products, smiled throughout, she made magic happen for my slightly awkwardly long haired bridesmaids and made my Mum’s hair look sleek and flawless. If you need a hairdresser, for any occasion. Clare is your lady!

For makeup, I used Ellie’s Hair and Makeup [LINK] I used her for her makeup services as I wanted to have two separate people for the day to keep getting ready easier! Ellie’s makeup kit is FULL to the brim with MAC, Urban Decay, Anastasia, Becca and so many more great brands. I knew I wanted MAC for my face products as well as lipstick. MAC just lasts and with a great application, I knew it would give me the natural but ‘perfect’ glow to my skin.

Ellie performed a great look for all of us and made sure we were happy with the final look. I loved how glowing and natural I look. I wanted to know in years to come I could look back and be happy with how I looked and she made she you could still tell it was me under there!

My wedding base was mac face and body with plenty powder to keep shine away. I had a mixture of eyeshadows on for a gentle smoky natural look. I had already got my LVL and HD Brows done in Northampton the week of the wedding which meant I could really bold my lashes out without extensions or false lashes. I am also so happy with my brows being so perfect too.
Overall, I was SO happy with my makeup and hair. I wish I could do my hair like that everyday, I truly felt like a princess. If you’re looking for Suffok/Essex hair and makeup artists, do check out Clare and Ellie.