So I’m very late to the game but Deciem’s The Ordinary products have been hitting the blogosphere by absolute storm and instead of raving about everything I thought I’d list the products that I actually think are worth picking up against some that just aren’t my favourites! I’ve only bought a handful of the range but I’ve found some absolute gems and some that just aren’t for me!

So what’s worth it?  

Salycic Acid – With 2% Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel. Salicylic Acid has been on my radar before and one of the products that I had actually heard of. Although it’s been in spot treatments I’ve tried before, I never really thought it did anything. I was pleasantly surprised that this stuff is magical! It helps to exfoliate the pores where spots and blemishes sit and create clarity on the skin. It’s a great solution for fixing little blemishes on an everyday basis as well as treating BIG spots that appear from nowhere. With one use of this liquid overnight, most of the blemishes I’ve treated have gone down and stopped getting worse or turning nastier. This is practically a cupboard essential now and it’s one I highly recommend for teens or adults alike. At only £3.90 for a bottle that will last ages, I wish I had spot treatments this cheap and effective when I was a kid, rather than products that had false promises! [LINK]

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B% I had no idea what Hyaluronic acid was, it sounds like something that would belong in face creams but I didn’t know exactly. Long story short, hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times its weight in water which means this is the perfect way to put hydration back into the skin. What I found is great about this product is that it enhances your face creams immensely. I didn’t think I had dry skin, but after a week of using this, my skin looked plumper and smoother. I am in love with this product and although I don’t need to use it every day, every few days or any tiring days this gives me such a boost! This is only £5.90 [LINK] and I’ve barely touched it so it will last ages!

Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG.  This isn’t my absolute favourite product but this is well worth having in the cupboard. This is the perfect serum to battle the appearance of eye pigmentation and puffiness. This has a strong concentration of caffeine which we all know wakes us up! I haven’t seen huge changes in my dark circles but its great to know I always have caffeine on hand and its just caffeine in here so it’s not being masked or diluted by anything else! This is also only £5.80 [LINK].

So what’s NOT worth it?  

High Adherence Silicone Primer.  This primer isn’t bad. But I don’t think its one of the best products that The Ordinary sell. Its as you’d expect, a silicone primer that you could say feels very ‘Porefessional’ by Benefit like. But I just found this broke me out like crazy. It is so thick and pore filling that I just don’t think we got on. Primer’s can be so hit and miss and if you need to reduce shine and blur fine lines or imperfections, then go for it but I wouldn’t rush to try this again and I don’t think it’s any different to any other high street silicone primer.  This is only £3.90 [LINK].

Retinol 1% The main reason I didn’t get on with this, is because I used too much. But Retinol is talked about so much within the beauty industry and I saw so many people talk about this product that I thought I can use it too. I was very wrong, despite it being a great product that is meant to even skin tone, stimulate cell production and boost your complexion. It ended up causing me a huge reaction because it was too strong for my skin. There’s not much information out there that tells you the real specifics of it so my advice is, no matter what you think about this and think what it could be useful for, do not use this if you’re probably under 25. I think for young skin it is too strong. It caused me to have severely dry skin, it peeled away and made the skin around my eyebrows go all flaky. So much so people noticed at work, not a good look! If you’re over 25 I reckon this will work a treat. I did use my strongest moisturiser when using this and I didn’t see a reaction until about three days later so this is all I could put it down too. Stay clear unless it truly is meant for your skin type, just because everyone else is using it, doesn’t mean its always for you! If it is for you, this is only £5.80.  [LINK]

What else would you recommend from The Ordinary? I definitely want to try some more bits from them! I highly recommend buying at least 5 or so items to make up the £25 limit to get free delivery. It’s an easy target and the P&P costs are practically the same as another product anyway!