La Roche Posay is one of the first brands to highlight the best that the French pharmacy beauty market could offer. I talk about LRP a lot here on The Beauty Type as some of the products have completely transformed my skin and I would be pretty lost without them in my beauty cabinet!

EFFACLAR DUO.  I had to start talking about Effaclar first, this was the first product I tried from LRP after this completely took the blogging world by storm. It was and still is the only product that fixed my blemishes/scars from teenage acne. When I first tried this, it changed the texture and look of my skin which with a good skincare routine has become a product I use regularly to keep scars down. Although this doesn’t promise the world, it works in helping calm skin, avoid heavy acne and most important remove those pesky marks that just won’t go away quickly. I usually tell Dan to use this when he has a blemish and we always have a tube about to keep spots at bay. At £16 full price [LINK]  and can often be found on offer, this is the one product I would say always stock up on!

EFFACLAR ASTRINGENT LOTION.  A good toner makes for a great skincare routine. Effaclar clarifying lotion is the perfect compliment to an effaclar routine. This toner is perfect for popping on after cleaning by wiping with a cotton pad to help clear your pores, remove any oils and work on pore size. You can really feel this working and is perfect for oily, blemish and imperfection skin types. If you’re using Effaclar Duo and really want to correct the fix the texture of your skin, then this works at achieving that. You can get this for £12 on Feel Unique, and as usual, this too is often on offer [LINK].

SEROZINC SPRAY TONER.  Serozinc is one of the most random products I own, but yet I love it. This spray toner is again designed for oily, blemish prone skin types and works to eliminate shine and grease due to its zinc properties. It helps to leave a mattified look and finish to the skin. Although this product sprays the finest mist that leaves your face quite wet without any need to use cotton pads to rub in etc. It’s actually a lovely product. After cleansing, spraying this on every day helps to also maintain shine, oils and in turn help with blemishes. My favorite use for this product is taking it on holiday! As a spray, it’s very cooling and great for hot weather when your skin is a bit oilier or shinier than normal. For only £10 [LINK], this is a great product to use when you’re feeling a touch shiny or to take on your holidays! I highly recommend this for everyone!

And lastly, the RESPECTISSIME WATERPROOF EYE MAKEUP REMOVER. You could just think, Lisa this is just a makeup remover, what of it. But what I like about this is that it’s gentle. This is a formula generated specifically for waterproof makeup but is gentle for sensitive eyes and even if you don’t think your eyes are particularly sensitive, it’s still gentle to use. We’ve all been there on a heavy makeup day after a party where we’ve had thick eyeliner, lashes, heavy liquid liner and eyeshadow and you rub it off with your cleaner but it just doesn’t all go as nicely. This stuff gently works to remove all makeup and great for anyone with delicate skin, a common theme for any LRP product! You can get this for £11 for 125ml which is a great amount for a long lasting product [LINK].

Have you got any LRP recommendations?