It’s not often we get to go out on a school night so you can imagine we were excited to get out to the new opening of Turtle Bay Northampton.

We’ve been to Turtle Bay a couple of times but only in the last few months and every time, we loved it. It’s a real experience going to their restaurants as its all about the real Caribbean experience with a hefty cocktail menu and all the jerk chicken and goat curry you can imagine.

The VIP night meant there was plenty of special guests and bloggers ready to try all of the cocktails and sample a variety of foods.

We got to try a Northampton Saints cocktail and there was plenty rum to go around which forget the old Havana Club or Bacardi, this is the true experience. I’ve really fallen for rum recently, I never used to know what ‘my drink’ was, but I love a rum now!

I love Caribbean food as its so flavoursome and so different from basic burgers or even Chinese and other flavors. You can tell that Caribbean food has to be cooked properly like a homemade meal and not just popped in the microwave. I loved trying the goat curry which although slightly spicy, was so good and we got to experience the sweet potato and veg one too with coconut rice and peas, a Caribbean classic side dish!

We got to sample jerk chicken and deserts too and I can safely say everyone loved it. I can’t wait to visit the restaurant again, we are thinking of booking a table for our next date night so we can try some bigger meals properly.

The staff has SO much energy and enthusiasm and they all seem well trained by a great team. The energy of this place would easily set you up for a night out, birthday or a date night. It’s such a cool vibe and everyone is so nice.

If you’re a Northampton-er or you’re a lover of trying new foods, then definitely try out Turtle Bay. Plus, they’re renowned for 2 for 1 cocktails so you’ll always be onto a winner for drinks with friends or family! Check out the menu here [LINK].