There’s nothing better than a good hearty burger. Cut out the thrills and fancies, Department of Meat and Social Affairs in Northampton makes possibly the best burger I’ve had in ages! Dan surprised me with a trip here on a Thursday night and I’m so glad he did! At the bottom of Bridge Street before you hit the Saturday night hot spots, this treasure is a must if you’re a Northampton-er!

The menu is filled with awesome options from burgers, hot dogs, ribs and nachos! Their sides are equally as large with items like mac and cheese, onion rings, all the classics! They also have a pretty hefty drink selection here too which is always welcomed!

Dan went for the Department Meat Special which was chicken, beef and pulled pork! A huge combination of all the meats but just look how good that looks! You can’t deny how good a greasy burger can be sometimes!

I was tamer and went for the Pulled Pork which is Beef patty, pulled pork in BBQ sauce, baby gem lettuce, tomato, onions. This was SO good. I wish I could have this every day. The pork was really meaty and tasty and having it with the patty was a real meat treat. It was just the right amount of everything and although a very messy burger to eat, an awesome one!

We also had a side of regular fries and this was one portion so you don’t need to go huge! That, or you can get two sides to be really naughty!

The service was awesome and after Instagramming my burger I won a free burger, so I’m so ready to return! If you’re from Northampton or visiting the area, this is simply the best burger place in town. I LOVE independent restaurants and this is a great example of good food meeting good ideas!

You can see the full menu here [LINK]! Where you’ll also see the prices are super reasonable and same as other chain burger places!