There are not many books that really delve into how to be happy. The problem is the answer is so personal that there’s no one true way to describe it. With so many self-help books, mindfulness and how to guides out in the last year or so, the idea of happiness has quickly become a fashion and not actually delving into the real history of being happy with what you’ve got.

Derren Brown isn’t the first person I think of when I think of happiness or even an author, but damn, this guy is smart. Derren Brown’s, Happy: Why more of Less Everything is absolutely fine, covers a wide range of topics from philosophy, history, stoicism up to the modern day self-help industry.

I was hooked reading this book, every chapter involves different elements of happiness. There are some really poignant parts in here. I’ve been going through a lot of stress and although I’d say I’m happy, I’ve got a great life, this book really does delve deep into what’s bothering you! I don’t think you have to be unhappy to read this book, I’d say this book is all about educating yourself.

It’s not a how-to guide, that’s the point. It’s educating you to learn about the history of appreciating life and even establishing why we feel good about some things but why we’re not fully satisfied by the achievement. It looks at the elements of positive thinking, self-belief and goal setting. It also understands why we get more anxious sometimes following these points. Which I believe in a world full of help guides, we sometimes need to go back to basics.

The best thing about this book is how much it really makes you think about yourself and almost a reality check. I knew I had to keep reading this book when one of the sections described the idea of being happy in materialistic ways. You could own every product you’ve ever wanted, all the cars, all the property and more. But you’re on your own and the whole world has disappeared, even if you had all the items you wanted, would you really be that happy? Especially if everything stayed the same, just people disappeared. You have to consider that being unhappy because you don’t own something, isn’t worth the worry as much as you think when you have friends and family.

I am blown away by how well researched and written this book is. Whether you care for Derren Brown’s magic or not, you need to read his book. He’s one intellectual dude. If you’re looking for a new book, ignore the fact there’s no plot. Go for it, you won’t regret this book! You can get it on Amazon for the crazy cheap price of £3.85 [LINK].