This post is a long time coming because I am no longer pink but I still wanted to showcase my pink hair I had back in July! After the wedding, I was on a ‘let’s do whatever I like’ streak and decided to dye my very boring naturally blonde hair, PINK!

After being inspired by SprinkleofGlitter’s pink ombre, I knew blonde and pink went really well together. I have only ever died my hair twice before, both a very ‘light’ brown that just didn’t suit me that much and made me look super pale. But pink, pink makes me feel awesome. I HATE saying stuff like this, but the pictures just don’t give the colour justice. Above looks browner than it was and below looks blonder than it was. It really did come out a bright pink, the colour of my jumper practically!

I can’t remember exactly but I pretty much let my awesome hairdresser, Jemma, have free reign and go for it. I had an idea but not set in stone. She had previously done a head full of pink and although not every single strand of hair was coloured, it created a pink effect, especially darker in theĀ ends.

The front also had some stronger pink parts to really show it around my face. I LOVED how good it looked. Everyone said it suited me so well and it was so nice to walk into work and everyone notices it! It felt like it completely changed my complexion and made me look more tanned.

The only downside to pink…. it just doesn’t last!!! I used the Bleach London pink shampoo and conditioner as I was recommended which helped but did change the pink look a bit too, but my hair just didn’t hold the colour for more than two weeks and after a week it very much had faded. I was gutted since it costs so much but saying that, I loved the effect and style Jemma gave me! I’m SO ready to go pink again!

Has anyone gone pink with a home hair dye kit? I really want to try one out so I can keep it pink but I’m so unsure on which one to go for! Any tips!