I’m normally quite late to any beauty trend, it’s a bit like a British queue, I’m more a ‘no after you, no I insist’ kinda gal, and the same goes for all the face mask trends. I mean I only tried a sheet face mask a few weeks ago… So when I got the chance to try out the Peter Thomas Roth, 24K Gold Face Mask, I wanted to jump at the chance of this very enticing and sparkly mask!

Let’s get down to the obvious question on everyone’s lips, is there actual gold in this mask? Well yes, the product is fortified with pure 24-carat gold and its 5th ingredient is colloidal gold which is a suspension of gold in water. (Yes, I did do my research!) This product looks like pure luxury and feels it when applying.

Its formula is quite thick and almost stretchy to a point. It’s recommended when applying this face mask to apply a thick generous amount which can feel like a lot, but I promise it won’t even make a dent! You will look like a sparkly Simpson wearing this but this mask works effectively at brightening, lightening and firming the skin. It’s colloidal gold and caffeine works in harmony to provide the radiance and a magnesium-rich gemstone re-energises your face!

Of course, like all masks, it works to deeply clean the skin and has hyaluronic acid and glycerin that helps to plump the skin to provide a real glow to the skin. The glow you see from this mask is left on your skin and you’ll really notice the difference in one use.

This is the ultimate pick me up this winter. But. It’s £77. That’s my only negative to this review but even still, this is a pretty impressive mask and would make an awesome gift to any skincare fanatic, it even looks Christmassy! This was featured on The Hut’s trend report [LINK] and it’s clear to see why! I highly recommend it! You can pick up your own pot of this glittery goodness here [LINK]