Dying your hair using shampoo may sound crazy but it’s now perfectly do-able with Bleach London’s Rose shampoo and conditioner. As mentioned a few months ago I had pink hair after getting with dyed at the salon. I was recommended to use the Bleach London Rose Shampoo and Conditioner to keep the pink strong and allow it to maintain a bit longer! Whilst my hair dye faded quite quickly, this duo is really strong and allows for pink to appear in your hair, without the need for dye!

human braiding hair

It probably sounds odd to say that you can dye your hair with shampoo but this stuff really works. A few weeks ago when my hair was completely natural blonde and I fancied a change, I started to wash my hair with this duo pretty much every wash to build the colour. Although it took about five washes to get it fully pink, and more so in the ends, not the roots, this definitely brought the pink look back.

If you have dry hair, it’s recommended¬†to use a mask each week to keep your hair soft as this shampoo can be quite tough on hair but it really provides a lovely pink hue to blonde hair. I have no idea if this would even work on brown hair but on my naturally blonde hair, it slowly provides a pink rinse as it says on the bottle! If you want to maintain the colour you’ll need to keep using the shampoo and it is recommended to leave on each product for a few minutes at a time to let it work. After a couple of washes with regular shampoo, the colour will be lost.

If you’ve had your hair dyed pink or you want a pink rinse for a week or so, then this is the cheapest way to go about it! At ¬£6.50 each, it’s much cheaper than a trip to the salon every few weeks to keep the pink in so it’s definitely worth it even if more than your usual shampoo! You can get the shampoo here [LINK] and the conditioner here [LINK]