Getting into exercise is really hard. Everyone on YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter make it look really easy as if we can all get up in the morning, go to the gym, have a smoothie and an avocado breakfast before heading to work.

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I work a full-time job that honestly can tire me out. I want to blog, spend time with my husband and relax! So when we booked a big holiday for next February I decided it’s time to do something about how I feel about my body. I’m a very happy size 8, five ft two and I’m fully aware I’m lucky to be slim. But I’ve had to work for it all the same. Now I know how to be healthy I’m very aware I’d like to tone up and be generally fitter and stronger.

I was so bored and unmotivated to get into the gym as it wasn’t appealing and our gym is hardly a Virgin Active, which FYI sounds awesome. Ours looks and is so old school and is boring to go to. We only go there because it is physically 2 mins from our house but the pool there is a kids activity pool and is dead cold plus the sauna and steam room is upstairs with the gym, not with the pool. Go figure!

So I decided to bite the bullet and get a personal trainer come to the house to get me motivated again. The personal trainer came for a consultation before our session began. I instantly felt assured he knew what to do so it was exciting to get started.

My first session was on my own and was the first thing on a Saturday morning. It certainly gives me a reason to get up! The first session was the hardest thing ever! My body absolutely killed the next day, every single muscle in my body ached, places I didn’t even know moved.

It felt amazing and made me feel so much more motivated than I had before. I instantly got Dan on board and now every Saturday morning at 8 am we’re up and in the garden and lounge doing squats, TRX, push ups, resistance training and so much more. I’m already excited for each session and it’s working so well for me and Dan to do it together. I’m motivated and feeling stronger already.

At £30 a session, it isn’t cheap and I know that. I can’t afford that forever but that includes both of us doing a session together so at least were not charged for both. We’re going to get a few months under our belt and then use what we’ve learned in the gym and at home more. Gym PT’s can be really good options too but our Council based gym hardly had the most inspiring instructors there and our at home PT has loads of experience and knowledge and you can really tell. Research a lot to find the right guy! A simple search on Instagram like #yourtownPT will probably bring up some trainers!

We’re looking to become educated, stronger and motivated to start implementing this in our gym and at home more!

If you’ve been dubious about a personal trainer, do it. It will get your fitness spark back!