Maybe enjoy is the wrong word for your girlie time of the month but Pink Parcel has certainly made it an easier time now they’ve created a subscription box that’s been a long time coming. The pink parcel service is like all the foodie subscription boxes but this one saves the hassle of buying all your ‘essentials’ but also gives you treats to make the whole experience a better one.

Whether you suffer from your periods or not, this little kit includes, either towels or tampons (you can specify what you need) and each lot comes in its own discreet box as well as an extremely handy pouch for travelling and out and about. I really appreciate how discreet the whole box is, it keeps the glam in it all but means you can pop it in your handbag without it screaming what it is.

These boxes are designed to take the hassle out of periods by offering a pick me up with beauty, wellness and edible treats every month delivered directly to your door! The femcare products are brand names and products I’d use, so it’s a no-brainer. You get all the options you’d need for the full cycle including extras for later too. I don’t think you’d come close to running out! You get a ‘for now, for nighttime and for later box so you’re fully covered! You also select the absorbency you require, so you won’t just get a generic box, you get the products you would buy anyway.

The November box was the month I was sent to try out and I seriously believe this is one box you should get into your life. Once you’re signed up, you choose when you want it to arrive – ensuring it arrives when YOU need it and means you’ve always got what you need to hand. At only £12.99 including P&P this is a real bargain considering the amount of femcare products you get plus all the extra goodies!

The beauty and wellness goodies the November box contained are:

Beautinq Beauty Radiant Glow Face Mask which I’ve used already and was super plumping and helped my very dull skin during a busy week. Nail HQ, All in One with Acai Berry and Argan Oil, this is a nail repair polish that you can apply to work on boosting your nails and restoring them to health, ideal in the winter! Lipcote Lipstick Sealer, an original classic! Swiss Clinic Cleansing Spray which is ideal for on the go sanitising or refreshing makeup brushes! The Beauty Crop Glamazon Stick is an American exclusive and is a beautiful golden highlighter crayon, this is perfect for Christmas glam!

For treats, there was a Cocoba truffle and a Cuppanut Ginger and Turmeric tea bag which both went to Dan as they’re more his cup of tea (pardon the pun!)

I was so pleased to try this box out, this makes monthly time a better one and guys if you’re reading this, which weird, but ok, buy this for your girls. They’ll thank you later!

You can sign up for Pink Parcel here [LINK].