Liz Earle know how to make a good quality product! I’ve been using Cleanse and Polish for years and I ALWAYS have a bottle of it on the go! The Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask is one of the four masks that Liz Earle do and is the ultimate treatment!

I have tried a couple of the Liz Earle masks before, but this treatment is the one targeted towards dry skins! This is perfect for winter time when you want to really treat your skin to a less cleansing mask and more of a softening one. It can be so easy to think every mask has to completely cleanse the skin but as this is a cream mask, it takes away the cleansed feeling that other maks get and leaves you feeling super soft!

This mask is 50ml in size but you would not believe how much I’ve used this and yet I’ve got so much left! The ingredients of shea, borage seed, and rose-scented geranium together create a beautiful treat and helps to lift my skin if I’ve been in and out of central heating. This is perfect for a mid-week or Sunday night treat to lift, plump and rehydrate your skin!

At £16.50 this is a bit more than your average mask, but I’ve used this soo many times so it’s worth it per treatment! You can also use this by mixing it with your cleanse and polish to help boost the products together to really moisturise the skin!

If you want to try the mask, check it out from Liz Earle’s website here [LINK]! This is one for the cupboard so you’re never out of a treatment! You can see my review of the coveted Cleanse and Polish here if you’ve not tried the brand before! [LINK]