Since I’m going freelance and I’m spending a lot more time at home, it’s important I make a list and routine for each day. It’s so easy have a lie in, not send that email and hold off on tasks but I find it’s really helpful to list everything, keep a log of all my notes, calls, emails and any ideas! To get me inspired in the planning and organisational mood, it was only right a took a trip to the motherland of Homesense to pick up a new notebook and diary.

I spent a good 15 minutes choosing these, looking through all of the shelves for the perfect diary and notebook. I’m super fussy when it comes to the type of book, design, line width, spine, you name it. I chose the pink Diary which is from Go Stationery, I’ve never heard of this company before but it’s a lovely soft back planner. It only cost £4.00 and they had a variety of covers like a ombre pink and other blue shades. I liked this one for it’s simplicity but still professional looking.

As with every Tk Maxx/Homesense brand, you often will find new brands but you won’t have seen them elsewhere, from what I’ve seen Go Stationery is available but it’s in random places so more likely niche high end shops. This diary has everything I need to fill in enough for each day, list my tasks, add in events and even a small note section. It works like a book so its easy to open everyday. I’m so glad that Saturday and Sunday are the same size as the rest of the week too because there’s nothing worse than them being smaller!

At the back, there’s a section for websites you like, an address book and notes. This is super helpful as I’ve needed an address book for ages and this is great if I need new contact details down.

To work alongside my diary for blog post ideas, note taking and tasks. I bought a big notebook that has a lovely spine for easy use. This has lovely thin lines, and is a great size. I love the cover and everything about this notebook. You wouldn’t get a book like this on the high street! It has room for the date on the top corner then all your notes below. If you were into journaling, this would be perfect to write until your hearts content!

I use this to note down everything each day and I love how easy it is to use, plan and write in! This was also only £4/5. I can’t remember exactly, but it was super cheap for such a big book!

If you’re looking for a beautiful different notebook, I would definitely recommend searching through your local TK Maxx or Homesense, their ranges are so unique and at such good prices!