I think I’ve become The Ordinary’s biggest fan! I’ve written a few posts on my thoughts on the products recently and a few have become such staples in my routine, it’s about time I shared them. I’m a huge fan of the price and effectiveness of the products. Its no surprise I’m writing about the much hyped AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. Although some people will use products like Sunday Riley which I can only dream of being able to afford. These products allow me to get some serious skincare down, without draining my life savings! You can see my full collection of The Ordinary products here [LINK].

To make it easy to understand the Ordinary’s AHA Peeling Solution is a acid that works as an exfoliator. Essentially it’s possible to have scrub exfoliators and liquid acid exfoliators. We’ve seen a rise in toner acids such as Pixi Glow Tonic and Glycolic Acid’s and this works in a similar way. The 10 minute solution works like a mask where you apply a layer of this red liquid all over your face and you leave it to work.

This works by using high chemical peel ingredients to combat dead skin cells, blocked pores, blemishes and irregular texture. By doing this once a week this helps to keep my skin clear, clean and radiant. I’d say this is so much more effective than a scrub, which would work well for physically dry skins, this works really well at taking the dead layer off.

There is loads of great ingredients in this, from your trusty glycol to citric acid as well as salicylic acid which is great for blemishes. Since it is an acid and can be a bit more potent than your usual toner it has pepper berry in there to help keep it calm on the skin.

I like to apply this once a week normally when I’m having a bath and this works perfectly all over the face. I do find that if you apply this where you’ve got a blemish, it will tingle or sting a bit so I wouldn’t recommend this for sensitive skins but after a little tingle, it calms down.

This stuff is serious skincare! The Ordinary know what they’re doing. I’ve never used anything like this before but I really recommend it if you want to keep on top of your skincare. Make it part of your routine and you’ll be ensuring all your other products work well because you’re eliminating the dead skin cells which are stopping the other products from working!

My favourite part about this product is how easy it is to use, just apply it with your fingers, ten minutes, wash off! Oh and did I mention… it’s £6! How insane is that?! You must try this if you haven’t already, find The Ordinary products here! [LINK]