January rolled around and as soon as I got myself ready to go back to work, I instantly knew, I couldn’t do it anymore. For the last two years since I left university, I’ve been working in the same full time job in Northampton and although it was the dream to start, it isn’t my dream anymore. I work in Digital Marketing and Social Media and as much as I love being in an office, I started to really hate going to work.

When I joined the company I was so useful, everyone needed me and I felt super skilled. I was producing awesome work and everyday was exciting and I was making a great group of friends. Since we moved to Northampton and knew no one, it was really important that I got on with people at work because I needed some friends here! After a year my work load started to dwindle and although I was paid a great amount, I was building my pension (eek so adult) and the people were great, I started to really get bored.

Why I Quit My Job and Went Freelance - thebeautytype.com

I don’t do well when I’m bored. I like to be busy and working on various things, the busier I am the better I work. When I had bad weeks or I started to feel like ‘what’s the point’ I really didn’t perform even when I had work. As changes started to happen across the company as things do, I started to not feel like I did when I joined and considering I’d been there nearly two years, I expected this.

The issue I had was FAILURE. In the last 6 months there’s been times where I go to bed crying or just constantly complain about how much I’m failing because I didn’t seem to be doing well at my job. The issue was, it was never me. It was the job completely but it’s so easy to think it’s you.

Over the last few years we’ve got engaged, planned and paid for a wedding, went on holiday, bought a house, booked a big arse honeymoon and started furnishing our home. All in all, I’ve not had chance to save but when I look back, I’m SO happy with everything we’ve accomplished in 2017. So as 2018 came around, everything had been paid for and we were looking forward to a new year, it was time to admit to myself it was time to give up.

I had been looking for new jobs for ages but I didn’t see anything that made sense to me. I didn’t want a huge commute again and the idea of working for someone else and doing the same thing again just felt so lacklustre. Like every other blogger out there, I had always considered the ‘Full Time Blogging’ route but I earn barely enough for the food shop from my blog let alone a mortgage.

However, freelancing seemed the right option. I had connections that needed me to keep working for them, but also it meant I was in control.

Why I Quit My Job and Went Freelance - thebeautytype.com

So last week, I decided that it was time to hand in my notice and go freelance from March! I will be working until our holiday in February and then I will be working in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management from March! It’s so exciting, scary but completely what I needed. I’m hoping I can decide where I work, how I work, what time I do it and be able to fit in more for my life too! If I want to go get some office space like office space Liverpool, then I can do that, if I want to go to a cafe, it’s all on me and I’m really inspired by the thought of it all.

I actually feel so much healthier, my mind is clearer and my body feels healthier because my motivation and want to do well is back. I feel like I have a goal and although money might be tight to begin, everything is achievable and if it doesn’t work, I go get another job! But at least I’ll have tried!

I’m hoping this boosts my blog massively, by having time recently my hits have shot up and so have the opportunities so hope you’ll join me on this journey. I’d like to write more about the process at some point too so if you have any questions do ask them!