It’s still technically early in the year and I’m still working hard to be healthier and happier this year. Not only have I quit my job to go freelance, I’m looking to work on my mental health to ensure I’m the happiest I can be! I thought it would be right to show what I’ve been choosing as healthy alternatives and easy ways that I’ve been improving my mood!

Fresh Flowers

This is such a cliche but fresh flowers make me feel so happy. I feel like my house is so put together when there are pretty seasonal flowers out. It also boosts your mental health, that’s definitely proven! For Christmas, Dan got me a lovely glass vase from House of Fraser, that fits all types of flowers as before I was using a tin watering can style. It didn’t look nearly as nice as a proper glass vase. I tend to buy my flowers from markets or Lidl/Aldi. I don’t like to spend too much on them but for everyday flowers such as tulips, daffodils or lilies. Markets tend to sell made up bunches for around £5. The supermarkets sell bunches like these tulips for only £1.89! A bargain and a easy pick me up. They can easily make you feel so happy!

Alternatives to crisps and snacks!

Crisps and carb snacks are my downfall. I could easily eat bags and bags of crisps. They’re one of the worst things to eat due to their saturated fats and extra calories. We all know eating healthy is the aim but it can be so difficult to find things that taste nearly as good as our favourite snacks. I’ve been choosing popcorn over crisps in a bid to curb that half three snack time! My favourite are the sweet and salted Butterkist microwave bags. For only £1 you get three bags to pop away! They’re only under 100 calories and when they’re freshly popped they easily work instead of crisps, a easier way to feel healthier!


Boosting my immune system

I am the worst for getting ill. My immune system can be so poor especially when it’s cold. I’m doing my best to be healthy so I wanted to incorporate multivitamins to my routine. I chose the Well Woman Multi Vitamins plus Omega 3,6,9 [LINK]. These were only £9.45 for a months supply and they have every vitamin you could possibly need. Since we’re going away next month and we’re on a 10 hour flight, I wanted to top up my vitamins. I’m renowned for catching horrid colds on our holidays so I’m hoping this will stop me in my tracks.

Not skipping breakfast

I hate breakfast. Unless it’s chocolatey, in a hotel or pancakes I’m just not interested. However, I know how important it is to have breakfast and don’t want to keep skipping it. If I eat something for breakfast I’m less likely to snack before lunch too. Over the years Dan and myself have stocked up on Belvita Breakfast Biscuits as they’re great for on the go. I’ve got a few boxes since they were only £1 in Waitrose this week and you get 4 biscuits in a pack. The chocolate ones are my favourite and they’re relatively healthy for you too! Winner!

Getting in your 5 a day

When I’m working from home I know I can make a great meal for dinner and ensure that as a couple we’re eating well. Even with my multivitamins, having fresh fruit and veg is important. This can be whole fruits or in smoothie form. I’ve got a Breville smoothie maker and frozen fruits for when I feel like whizzing one up myself. But if I’m on the go or fancy a different taste, I’ve loved getting Savse Raw Smoothies. I was so scared I wouldn’t like these as they sound very veggie orientated but the Super Orange is perfect for me. This tastes like a mango, passionfruit and orange smoothie. The best part is theres celery, carrot, apple and lemon in there too so you’re getting extras! These have no extra sugars which helps as so many super market brands add extra sugar! If you see these on your travels, I highly recommend these for a vitamin boost!

These are the little ways I’ve been improving my health, well-being and positive mindset this month! What little changes have you made to be healthier?