Over the last two years I’ve been working as a marketing consultant and everyday I do reports, SEO work and website development and I’ve never realised how much of it is helpful to blogging! I’ve got some top tips that are useful for business analytics and are great for learning more about your blog’s potential!

5 Top Tips for Managing a Blog by a Marketing Executive - The Beauty Type Blog

Find out which brands are looking at your blog!

We’re all aware of Google Analytics to track our stats, page views and demographics. However, did you know that you can find out which exact cities are looking at you? Not only cities, but you can find out which companies and businesses are looking at you. You can’t see EVERYONE who’s looking but if the company who views you has named their IP address you can see that they’ve been looking. For example it will say the name, city, length of time, amount of pages views. It’s important to look at length of time, that might be of interest to know if they’re looking fully into your blog.  To do this go to Google Analytics > Audience > Technology > Network. You’ll have to scroll through each page of your hits but this is such a useful tool to see if a brand you’ve been trying to connect with is looking! 

See where your blog sits within Google.

You can view where your key words and blog posts sit within Google positions by joining the Google Webmaster. Join the Webmaster by clicking here [LINK] by using the same account you use for Analytics. This allows you to add your websites site map to Google. They can trawl through your pages to check everything is working smoothly but it also allows you to see where your searches are going. Once you’ve submitted your website, go to the Search Console > Search Traffic> Search Analytics. Again, it’s using your data to see how your key words are gaining clicks, impressions, position and much more! A helpful one if you want to see what’s doing well within google!

Spend a Sunday afternoon fixing broken links.

They’re the bane of any blogger’s life, you’re constantly adding new links and content to your blog but you will find links to shops and products will go out of date like everything does! It’s important to fix and remove links if needed as it can lower your DA score and lower rank your blog! Spend a day on a broken link checker and work through all of your broken links!  It might take you back a few years to old content but it’s so important to keep your blog healthy! You wouldn’t keep out of date food in your fridge, so do the same with your blog!

Comments help immensely! 

This is a bit of a shout out to everyone that still comments on blog posts! I think it’s so important to help the community by commenting on blog posts. It helps the blog rank better, it shows engagement and most of all its empowering for the writer! Think of all the posts you worked, got the photography perfect and no one said anything! If you read a post, that keeps you captured till the end, say something! It doesn’t have to be a paragraph, just a ‘really enjoyed this content, its inspired me to….’ ‘Love the look of the makeup, I can’t wait to see the shades in the shop’… ANYTHING. Just keep it relevant, not promotional and not ‘I love this post.’ You know the score!

Have you tried any of the Google analytic report techniques? They’re my little secrets and they’re super important to manage and treat your blog more like a business!