There’s nothing like new year motivation to get you into your work and business mind. For Christmas, I received the Maria Hatzistefanis, How To Be An Overnight Success! Even before I knew I wanted to leave my full time job, I was so ready to get into some self help, motivation for success and business books! This year I’m so keen to get into reading again too which I say every year but it is really good to keep your non-digital mind moving. This book is written by the owner and creator of beauty brand, Rodial and Nip and Fab and is her story from starting the brand, developing it, social media, career moves through to the future of being a success.

This book was one that I saw in Instagram feeds but I wasn’t sure whether it was a real page turner or if it was a pretty book. I’m so pleased to say, it’s actually so interesting! I found myself finishing this in a matter of days. Although it’s not a huge book to read and wouldn’t take long to read, it is a great evening book to really motivate you. Each section is set into a different topic but yet its still in a chronological order to how Maria set up different aspects of her business.

There’s sections that even mention beauty bloggers and the blogging industry. It’s also so intriguing learning how Hollywood works with brands and even the development of the Kardashian era! There’s so much to this book that I wouldn’t want to give it all away. The main premise is how Maria used social media and contacts to create the brand and how you can translate that to your brand and career goals.

I did feel like Maria may of had more of helping hand than most of us average Joe’s but I really enjoyed how she laid out her story and made it relatable. For an inspirational book to give you that kick to get your motivation going, this is the one! I didn’t realise that Nip and Fab were related to Rodial too which made me have a lot more respect for the brand and it’s company ethics too! Each chapter finishes with tips on how you can apply skills to your position or reflect on your goals.

If you would like to learn how to become your own overnight success, you can get it for £9.60 on Amazon [LINK].