You’ve got to hand it to Graze box as they were one of the first companies to provide letterbox treats. I remember getting Graze boxes in the early days of starting to blog and I loved the concept. Healthy treats, new items to try that’s tailored to your tastes!

Since the start of graze boxes they’ve expanded into various products, different types of boxes and new snacks on their list!

I had a code for a free box from a misguided order and thought it would be a great way to incorporate some healthier snacks into my diet before we go away. I could easily eat lots this week but I know I’ll be having a rich diet when we’re away. I’ve recently written about tips to stay healthy and this incorporates that!

The concept of Graze box is that you tick boxes against types of food you like in order to get tailored options. I’m quite fussy with health foods, I don’t like dried fruits or nuts. I am a fan of peanuts and cashews but rarely have other types. The graze box concept allows you to remove these items or make sure you don’t get them again next time!

My Box

In my box this week I received the Cheese Board, The Graze Brownie, Popcorn in Slightly Sweet and Peanut Butter Dipper. This box is perfect for my taste buds. They are ideal snack pots to take to work, have between meals or on the go. I like the sound of everything but I know I won’t like the peanut butter dip. I’m going to be giving this to Dan as it will be perfect as a snack before he does his spin class!

I have already tried the brownie and it’s heavenly. For something so healthy, it was such a treat. Super chocolatey and perfect for a lunchtime chocolate treat to satisfy a sweet tooth! I think the cheeseboard will be lovely and I’m such a fan of popcorn at the. moment!

I know Graze boxes are seen everywhere now as we receive discount codes all the time. However, as a once in a while snack I love the concept and getting some snacks in for the week. I wouldn’t buy these every single week but if you know you’re a busy person and need healthy alternatives to crisps, chocolate or other naughty treats – it’s perfect! If you get a craving for a certain snack you could always bulk buy the snacks individually which is perfect if there’s one you like the most!

Get your free box

As I say, these are great to pick up when free and if you fancy getting your 1st, 5th and 10th box free, you can use my code¬†LISAS8WL.¬†Even if you don’t want to get many boxes after your first, you can instantly cancel future subscriptions as soon as you’ve got your first box for free, so it’s a no brainer! Maybe like me you’ll be easily convinced by the brownie too and just want more!

Have you tried Graze before? What were your favourite snacks?