Last year I wrote about Ruby Wax’s A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled which was one of my favourite books of 2017. I really enjoyed how she had studied and researched into mindfulness. It is important to take time for ourselves and assess our emotions and thoughts. Bringing the research into 2018, Ruby is back with a neuroscientist and a monk to delve into how we operate as humans and a look into the why rather than the what. It’s so relevant to modern day life where we’re so involved in technology, life and the idea of happiness that we rarely are truly happy!

The Book…

Ruby along with the monk and scientist have come into a practical manual about the human species. Each chapter has been laid out really easily and covers everything from thoughts, emotions, compassion, kids, the future and forgiveness. I love how each chapter begins with Ruby discussing experiences or research into the area. This is so you can grasp an understanding and figure out how to relate to each section. I found the section on compassion really interesting as Ruby quotes that ‘thoughts are to depression what tumours are to cancer’ and as brutal as that sounds, it is true. As a species, we let thoughts cause our biggest problems. Mentally and physically it’s the thought process that determines everything we do. Even earlier discussed, we make decisions before we’ve even officially decided.

Each chapter has a section with the scientist and monk in a script section. This explains why we feel the way we do, what part of the brain works and how it affects the body. A book that is great if you’re interested in how to understand your own body and mind! Something I know after reading Ruby’s last book, is crucial to a healthy mind.

At the back, theres a whole section on mindfulness exercises even for kids so its a really universal book! I have loved reading another Ruby Wax book. I’ve actually laughed out loud at some of the comments she makes. She just has a way of making jokes and humorous comments that are worth making a noise about! Everyone can relate to the stories and the science makes it really easy to understand your own mind.

If you would like to get your hands on a copy of Ruby’s new book you can get it from Amazon here [LINK]! I reckon this will be a bestseller in no time!