Sometimes you don’t realise your favourite brands until you have a clear out of your products and can’t part with one brand in particular! Benefit was the first brand that I fell in love with in Debenhams. I distinctly remember getting a makeover at the counter for one of my friends birthdays when I was about 14/15. I just fell in love with Benefit, the aesthetics and the products.

Since then my collection has grown with old vintage products that aren’t available anymore to their newest releases. This post is almost an updated version of my top products because every few years it changes! Also if I’ve run out of a product and not repurchased that makes it harder!

Hoola Bronzer

This is a best seller across the board and one of their most well known products. Benefit Hoola Bronzer is a classic tan brown powder in their classic boxes. I hope they never change the packaging of their blush/bronzers as its so iconic and pretty! This is the most beautiful brown all year round and suits my skin tone so well. It blends like a dream and can even be used as a crease colour on your eyes. If you’ve not tried it, you must!

They’re Real Mascara

Sadly, I only have the mini version at the moment as I’ve been rubbish at restocking my collection as of late, but I had to include it. This was such a hard toss up between They’re Real and Rollerlash, but I’ve decided They’re Real wins by one point. They’re Real covers every lash and has bristles all over the wand to reach even the smallest of lashes. I always get compliments on this mascara. I still love Rollerlash, but this has the edge with the brush!

Dandelion Blush

I have owned this blush for years now, I have it in the palette version which contains lots of Benefit’s product range and in a mini and it’s just the perfect girlie pink flush! It really works to brighten the complexion and looks beautiful paired with Hoola. This is just the ideal ‘pink’.

Gimmie Brow – Brow Gel

Ok, so this has been super hard to get hold of recently as Benefit had to recall a lot of them. However, I had a few in my collection to work through during this time so I’m glad its coming back! This is a fibre based brow gel that you run through your brows which adds definition as well as colour. This is great for anyone with small gaps in their brows or anyone looking for defined brows without needing to fill them in. This is one of those well made almost scientific products because it just works so well at doing more than just colour!

Big Easy BB Cream

This is surprising how good this product is! I haven’t heard many people talk about this but this is a lovely foundation that I love using on ‘lighter makeup’ days or on holiday. It is a liquid to powder formula so adjusts to your shade on your skin. It’s so lightweight and provides a good coverage for everything you need it to. I have nearly run out of this and think it’s one of the nicest foundations they’ve done.

Over the years I’ve tried everything from Some-Kinda-Gorgeous to Hello Flawless and this is probably rivals them both! Who remembers Some-Kinda-Gorgeous, the cream to powder foundation? I still have a compact of it, it’s so old but it just is great memories!

Close contenders…

Other great products that make the cut but I just couldn’t write a post on them all, include:

Benetint – The rosy glow liquid blush! Their first product and the classic that is Benetint. No one ever seems to talk about this but I think it’s one of the nicest products I own!

Lollibalm– These balm/lip glosses are beautiful, super soft to apply, amazing colour pay off and a beautiful finish. I love them!

Watts Up? Highlighter – This is a gorgeous stick highlight. It’s a little hard to apply in the holder its in, but this is a beautiful champagne coloured cream highlighter!

Dallas and the newest blush, Gold Rush which together are the most beautiful pairing!