A few months ago I was lucky enough to try a Gousto box and since then we’ve had a couple of our own boxes. So many people say that they try these boxes once reviewing them, but I can definitely vouch for this. I got a couple of meals in September for Dan’s birthday to have a cheaper treat and it was just as yummy as a meal out. This box was actually in February just before we went on holiday. It saved us having to buy in loads of food and save on waste before we went away.

We were unbelievably impressed with the four meals we chose. The recipe choices Gousto offer are huge and it’s always so hard to choose. The recipes can often sound pretty simplistic but we’ve actually learnt a few new tricks and ways to cook with this box so we’re very impressed!

The Recipes

The recipes we chose were Quick Shredded Hoisin Chicken Wraps, Cheesy Baked Fish with Courgette Salad, Smoked Mackerel and Chilli Green Tortiglioni, Garlic Chilli Prawns and Sweet Mashed Potato. 

So essentially we had three fish dishes and a chicken meal. All of these were super easy to make and so tasty!

Our Favourite

This was SO difficult but every meal we would say how easy and tasty it was. However, Dan’s favourite was the Garlic Chilli Prawns and Sweet Potato. The quality of the food was great and because everything has been measured to fit every recipe, it was great for portion control. As you get the Gousto recipe cards, you can make these time and again. Although we had a favourite, we didn’t dislike any of the meals. It was great to cook fish differently as well and having the chicken wraps was a cheaper way to have duck style pancakes.

Was it worth the money?

Truth be told, I had a voucher from a magazine for half price which is what enticed us to buy a box again. This made all four Gousto meals only £17.50 including delivery which was great. Whilst saving you the hassle of maths, this makes it around £4.35 a meal. This is only a couple of pounds each which is amazing. When you don’t have a voucher this is essentially double the price. It can be quite pricey but I think it’s definitely worth it for a treat. I don’t think I would be able to afford this every single week but it’s cheaper than a takeaway or a meal out!

I love how much you learn when cooking these meals, even as someone who knows how to cook and fairly well I think, this is great for learning more. With the last few boxes we’ve actually gone back onto our gousto account to download the recipe to make again! If you ever see the shredded chicken burgers, that’s a must. A tip we’ve learnt from that is to combine chilli jam and mayonnaise to create chilli mayo. Obvious, but a revelation.

If you’d like to give Gousto a go and get your first two boxes for half price (£17.50 inc delivery) click on this link to get a discount! [LINK] This is a affiliate link so I get money towards my next box if you use it. There aren’t many of these codes about so it’s well worth using them! You get two boxes half price and there’s no rush to use your second one. So if you want to try one this week, then leave it a little while before you use your second cheaper box, you can! Ideal for birthdays, busy weeks or a nice treat!

The link at the bottom of the post to get a half price box is an affiliate link so I will get money towards my next box if you use it. Thank you in advance if you do!