It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and get myself on Youtube! I have always enjoyed making videos and editing and so it’s been the natural fit to join the platform. I’ve been a blog girl through and through for years and while this will remain my main focus, it’s nice to try something new! Years and years ago I was on youtube when I had braces and my blog was under a different name. Now I want to focus on hauls, reviews, possibly vlogs and working on more interactive content.

I watch SO much youtube myself, everyday I watch a few hours of content and have my favourites. I love watching hauls and vlogs the most so want to create content that I enjoy watching myself. For my first video I’ve kicked it off with a Aldi and B&M haul. I love the cheap shops as you can get so much for your money and it’s great to pick up things for the home!


I hope you like my first video, it feels so difficult to feel like this is a good idea only because youtube is FULL of amazing creators and I’m just a little fish in a big pond but we all start somewhere! I’ve got more time to create content as I’m now freelance so I’d like to document my life a little more too!


Please do leave a comment, subscribe and share my content if you like it. It would mean the absolute world to me! Any tips for content creating and video then do let me know!